Introducing: EAT DIRT

EAT DIRT are angry. They want to eat dirt they’re so angry. Or, do they want US to eat dirt? Either way, they want to get their anger across in a fast, sharp statement.

The band formed towards the end of last year, in the wake of the spiralling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions that washed over the country. They were born out of unrevealed well-established UK acts and put their frustrations with real life together to create their four track EP EAT DIRT – I.

Despite lasting just five minutes – yes, we told you it was fast and sharp – the EP is a raging and visceral blast of aggressive punk rock. It’s been produced by former Sikth vocalist Justin Hill and the message is clear: they’re frustrated and angry at the world, and won’t hold back. The result is honest, stripped back punk rock at it’s finest.

EAT DIRT – I kicks off in breakneck style with the 32 second opening track EAT DIRT, which is a big smash of punky guitars and wild drums with screamed vocals and cries of “Eat dirt,” then a big scream and punky riffs.

Next up, at a mighty triple the length of the opening track, is the punky PIGS, which fuses screamed vocals with punk rock choruses and smashing drums, and a whole load of angry lyrics, including the closing lyrics: “So let’s rise up and let’s be heard, Too many cunts, Are killing all the pigs.”

48 lasts… erm, 48 seconds. It’s fast, loud and shouty and includes the brilliant lyric: “I’d rather cut my eyes out, with a fucking razor.”

Final track DEAD is a special example of simple, fun punk rock its finest. Big shouty choruses are supported by hooky punky guitar chords and wild driving guitars. If you can’t jump and scream along to this, then your blood is cold.

One of their band members tells us: “I’d given up on music. I wasn’t really angry enough. I had nothing to sing about anymore. Then the whole Brexit thing happened. I’m mad at people. I’m mad at the world around me. As a group, we need to vent. EAT DIRT is that release.”

Musically, EAT DIRT draw influence from the likes of The Bronx, Every Time I Die, Gallows and Comeback Kid, which inspires their fast, unrelenting punk rock sound. They have no interest in ‘making it,’ they don’t care for industry politics and will not pander to anyone – they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release their pent up aggression.

I’m sure these feelings will resonate with you, your mates, your parents and more, so if you feel angry about the state of our country and its political mess then give this unrelenting punk record a listen.

And, if you really want to know who they are, then you can see EAT DIRT play live at Sebright Arms in London on 30 July and New Cross Inn in London on 4 August.

Follow EAT DIRT on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

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