Introducing: VALUES

British metal music is in a hell of a good place right now, and you can add to the ever-evolving mix the brutally heavy sound of Leeds rockers VALUES. These guys fuse huge riffs and screamed vocals with some insane drum action and random moments of lovely melody, in a way few others can.

Born in 2015, out of the ashes of Anchored By Avarice and Portraits, the five-piece of Nathan Baker (vocals), Danny Widdowson (guitars), Chris Ward (guitars and vocals), Jack Bhogal (bass and vocals) and a ‘yet to be confirmed’ drummer has met halfway between those two bands’ respective heavy and melodic focuses.

We had a chat with guitarist Danny, and he told us: “We’ve all grown up listening to metal and rock music and as soon as we picked up instruments we’ve been in and out of local bands ever since!”


VALUES’ blistering metal riffs are met with melodic choruses, ambient post-rock influences and monumental breakdowns – but the overarching theme is brutal heaviness.

They have plans for a new album later this year which, based upon last year’s release of debut eight track EP, Broken Nation, promises to be something pretty special. The band’s sound draws influence of the melodic meets hardcore sound of the likes of Architects, While She Sleeps and Northlane, with huge drums and big sweeping guitars a prominent fixture.

That’s exactly the case with the EP’s second track Adrift, which opens up with floaty guitar high-pitched guitars, then descends into screamed vocals that are met by melodic counter-punches. There’s a huge rock out mid-track with little blitzes of high-pitched guitars thrown in before diving into a breakneck smash of big drums and driving guitar riffs, then more breathtaking guitar licks.

Their most recent single release Denounced gives us more of the same, opening up with a brutal smash of screamed vocals, wild guitar riffs and drums, then dropping into a more melodic chorus. A savage section of massive guitars and screamed vocals is followed by a chilled counter of melodic vocals and light guitars before diving back into a big scream and atmospheric guitars, perfectly portraying the contrasting skills of the band.

VALUES are perhaps at their heaviest with the EP’s huge closing track Don’t Sweat The Small, which launches straight into a massive combination of puncturing hits of bass drum and unrelenting massive riffs and screamed vocals. There’s a massive smash-up midway through, followed by a dark chunky guitar riff section then big vocals that feed into more awesome low-tuned riffs. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

VALUES have a huge sound that combines melody and heaviness and promises much for their upcoming album, which we’re very much looking forward to.

You can follow VALUES on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify. As Danny tells us: “It’s free to check us out and you won’t be disappointed!”

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