Single Review: Twist Helix – Little Buildings

A few months ago we introduced you to Newcastle trio Twist Helix, who are intent on addressing the issues around closing venues and art spaces in the North East through their music.

The electronic alt-poppers are back today with Little Buildings, the second single off their upcoming album Ouseburn. The album itself explores the post-industrial redevelopment of the area around Newcastle and its title is inspired by a local music venue that the band uses as a practice space.

Lead singer and keys player Bea Garcia Cisneros told us: “Little Buildings explores how the shameless profit motivated construction projects slowly destroy the fringe arts spaces and creative/community hubs, taking away the vibrant and colourful life inside them.”

The latest track again highlights Twist Helix’s ability to create powerful, moving tracks with fun synthy, electronic elements. Like previous single Pulse, there’s an edgy darkness to it as it begins with Bea’s vocals over flickers of synth keys, then pounding keys and drums as the intensity builds into powerful vocals over big synth sounds.

Little Buildings is a really catchy track with Bea’s big vocals supported by driving drums and fun synth sounds in support. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Twist Helix’s music is inspired by seeing small, local venues either close down to be redeveloped into residential areas, or come very close to disappearing. Bea previously told us:  “They are a large and unsung part of our music culture; these spaces are the first ports of call for touring bands before they’re famous. For local groups these are the places that will give them their first breaks and allow them to evolve into confident units, and for audiences they offer an intimacy and immediacy to performances which cannot be replicated in larger venues.

“Preventing the loss of these spaces doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know a venue is under direct threat it costs you nothing to start or sign a petition on, or to attend a planning meeting and voice your opposition. But in broader terms, if a venue or space is successful it’s less likely to be closed. Ask yourself when was the last time you went out to see a gig and then ask yourself what am I doing tonight.”

So get out there and do your bit to support local venues and the bands that work tirelessly playing them. Twist Helix have a busy summer of gigs, including shows in Newcastle, York and Sheffield, and playing the Worcester Music Festival on 15 September. All their tour dates are available here.

You can follow Twist Helix on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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