Gold Key return with new single and debut album announcement

Back in November we featured Watford quartet Gold Key as our New Band of the Week, just a matter of weeks after they formed. Now, with a few months under their wings as a band, they’re ready to kick off a new chapter with the unveiling of Creep In Slowly, the lead single off upcoming album Hello Phantom, which they’ve just announced will be released on 6 October.

Formed of vocalist Steve Sears, who produced two albums for fellow band member Laurent Barnard’s Gallows, former Sikth man James Leach on bass and drummer Jack Kenny, Gold Key burst into our ears with the awesome Mess and Sneaker. And they’ve continued in the same vein with Creep in Slowly.

The track kicks off with a big stodgy bursts of repeated bass, which rolls into light guitar frills then falsetto vocals come in through an opening verse with the occasional blast of guitar – there’s a very Muse-esque feeling to it. The intensity builds into a powerful chorus of almost shouted vocals, then drops down into the big bursts of guitar and impressive falsetto vocals. These continue through to a big, loud conclusion of a mini blitz of high pitched guitar squeals followed by the light guitar flicks that bring it to an end. Check it out for yourself in the video below (warning: not safe for work, there’s nudey bits).

On the new track, Steve said: “Creep In Slowly is about worries that you can’t escape from. Sometimes they haunt you like a ghost and it seems like there is no escape. I try not to be one to dwell on negatives but I think that anyone with half a brain suffers from anxiety to some extent. It is a running theme throughout the album, feeling like bad news is just following you around like a phantom hiding in the shadows.

“I’ve never wanted to be a stagnant musician. We’re constantly trying to push ourselves out of the comfort zone, whether that’s through learning to play the mandolin or using furniture for percussion.”

Since we first spoke to them, Gold Key have been busy recording and putting the finishing touches to debut album Hello Phantom, which promises to be highly eclectic. We’re told it draws on progressive influences, from the likes of David Bowie and Pink Floyd, presented in a more modern ‘abrasive’ package a la Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead. Sounds good, right?

Gold Key will be touring on the back of the new album, kicking off at London’s Scale on 5 October, taking in Wolverhampton, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool and Brighton before ending at The Fleece in Bristol on 15 October. Check out all their upcoming gigs here.

Follow Gold Key on FacebookTwitter and check out their tracks on Bandcamp, where you can pay what you like for their music.

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