Verity White reveals rocky side ahead of October album

A few months ago we introduced you to solo artist and Pendragon backing singer Verity White, who is embarking on a rockier approach beginning with today’s launch of new single I Don’t Care.

This is the first single from Verity’s upcoming rock album Breaking Out, due for release in October, that she is funding through a successful Kickstarter project – which has already raised more than £1,200 but still has two days to run if you want to get involved.

We caught up with Verity to find out more about the single, and found out that, as the title suggests, it’s come from a difficult period in her life.

Verity explained: “This single is a homage to a very destructive time in my life where I basically just drank a shit-tonne and shagged about at university to try to forget how much I hated myself.”

I Don’t Care kicks off with building drums and guitar reverb then darts straight into a catchy, rocky opening verse with the lyrics “There’s a party on the street, I’m going out tonight,” which sets the tone for the track. The pre-chorus sees the track drop down a little with the awesome lyric “Pour me a drink, make it Snackbite and black” – which truly takes me back to my own uni days.

The building drums lead us into a chorus of “Gonna drink til I can’t remember my name, Gonna drink til I can’t be the one to blame,” with backing vocals “Gonna drink yeah” and concludes with the simple line “I don’t care.” This is a really fun track with catchy, singalong vocals and rocky guitars throughout, and bodes well for the upcoming album.

Now very recently married Verity is clearly in a much happier place, but the album generally sees her reflect on less cheery times.

She told us: “The album is very much rock-based, like this first single from it – and my previous singles Too Much and Look Inside, which will be on the deluxe CD! It’s really a memoir of my recovering from self-destruction and the long winding journey through mental health issues. Like this single though, it’s hidden in the lyrics and put across with passion, energy and power!”

When we previously spoke with Verity, she revealed her musical influences, telling us: “I’ve had a lot of weird things go on in my life and tend to be able to patch into them to help me with the lyric writing. I’ve been writing music since I was only 12, it wasn’t great but some of the lyrics and melodies I’m actually still pretty proud of!

“I’m now working with amazing producer Alex at Arpeggio Creative, and he helps put the bones of a song together for me (he is a 300% better instrumentalist than me!) and I then then write the melody and lyrics on top of that. So I guess I get a base mood from what he sends over and then dig into my experiences to find something that fits. Writing from the heart is always the easiest for me and it means I can put all my emotion into that song as well, so it’s also pretty cathartic!”

Breaking Out will be out in October and Verity is also in talks over a tour in January, so stay tuned.

You can follow Verity White on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube, support her on Kickstarter and Patreon, and listen to her music on Spotify.


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