Introducing: Serenity Came Calling

Brutal metal riffs and poetic vocals may not be the most obvious things to place side by side one another, but that’s exactly what Scottish five-piece Serenity Came Calling are aiming for.

We spoke to guitarist and clean vocalist Ross Dickson off the back of recent single Tenebris, and he summed up the band’s sound succinctly with the phrase “brutally catchy.”

The quintet, completed by vocalist Gregor MacMillan, guitarist Peter Dodd, Jason Kelly on bass and drummer Tyler Simpson, hail from Stirling in central Scotland and originally began life as a post-hardcore band.

As Ross explains: “Serenity Came Calling started with our frontman, Gregor, attempting to start a post-hardcore band just over a year and a half ago! Our drummer eventually slapped him on the wrist and we became a djenty post-metalcore band. We have all been heavily invested in music since we were children, so I think the next step in life for all of us was to take our talent, mash it all together and create SCC.”

Tenebris opens with a gradually building intro that explodes into a life with a burst of huge screamed vocals and atmospheric guitars. The intensity builds with hits of powerful guitar and bone-chilling screams, followed by a brutal chorus. That’s followed by a burst of huge guitars and driving drums as the intensity grows throughout. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Of the track, Ross explains: “Tenebris is a recognition of the absence of God, but the wreckage and horror that is inflicted in his name. It’s the story of a young man turning his back on God, after recognising that he only ever believed in him due to his fear of death. The world is falling to pieces and entering it’s darkest times due to the religious warfare and bigotry that is plaguing the earth.”

And when defining their sound he tells us: “I think as a band we’ve decided that our sound is a perfect mix of heavy riffs, ambient melodies and poetic vocals.” But the most striking characteristic of SCC is the contrast between huge hard-hitting verses with big djent style guitars and surprisingly catchy, melodic choruses.

When it comes to their musical influences, Ross tells us there is one defining band that ties all five of them together. He told us: “We are all influenced by very different things, but there is one thing that we are all influenced by, and that is definitely Northlane. Not for the style, not for their sound, but for their boldness to be different.

“But for me personally, Tyler Carter from Issues for my cleans and my guitar has definitely been influenced by Tom Searle.”

Tenebris follows on from the band’s debut EP By Any Means, which is well worth a listen – particularly the huge breakdown and insanely heavy vocals on the awesome second track The Peak, and the ridiculously catchy riffs and vocals in Heights. And there’s plenty more to come, with Ross telling us: “All I can say is, we have some big changes coming soon.” So stay tuned!

You can follow Serenity Came Calling on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube and Spotify.

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