Album Review: InVisions – Never Nothing

When we met York rockers InVisions back in June frontman Ben Ville told us to “expect heavy, brutal and punchy verses with catchy choruses” from the upcoming launch of their debut album. And the quartet certainly haven’t disappointed with the launch of the brilliantly brash, yet seductively melodic Never Nothing on Friday.

The album kicks off with menacing synthy sounds in the intro to Torment, which is smashed open by big screams and heavy guitars as the synth sounds continue. This leads into a heavy opening verse alluding to addiction, with heavy vocals supported by intense screams before flowing into a more melodic chorus. The synth returns briefly to mark the end of the chorus, and we drop back down into the dark, moody verse.

Next up, lead single Turn Up opens with a heavy guitar riff and deep screams before flying into a fast-paced verse, then a catchy singalong chorus that ends with the return of the opening riff. Huge blasting guitars are met with booming vocals and driving drums, creating an intense rollercoaster through some of the darkest realms of metal.

That theme continues, as the song title suggests, in The Haunting, which takes us on a breakneck tour of darkness through the verses, then contrastingly engaging singalong choruses. It’s almost gothic in its sense of doom, with blood-curdling screams, bursts of keyboard and a lingering section of calm that leads into a final rendition of the chorus.

The tone is brightened somewhat by For What It’s Worth, which opens with a big hit of guitar then a mini riff that leads into a clean opening verse. It builds in heaviness with screamed backing vocals that soon come to the fore through the chorus. It’s more ballad-like with moments of calm, but that isn’t too say it’s not dark in it’s own right, with wild guitar riffs superbly contrasting blitzes of screamed vocals. The track winds down with a big guitar solo over the top of the big atmospheric chorus, then big screamed vocals bring it to a powerful ending.

The intensity steps up again with The Damaged Ones, which opens up with a big scream and the lyrics “We are the damaged ones, (…) and we don’t give a fuck, If you’re damaged like us, Put your middle fingers up and tell the world to get fucked.” It’s fast, brash, brutal and brilliant – stick this track on if you’ve had a bad day, and I’m guaranteed it’ll provide the angry metal relief you need.

A big guitar intro with a repeating riff and booming chords leads us into the fast-paced vocal delivery on the opening chorus of Faced By A Stranger. You can’t help but bang your head along to this wild romp of metal, which builds towards a huge guitar solo followed by the spoken vocals “Talk shit, fuck you, I just don’t give a fuck” and a few screamed variations of that sentiment.

That’s followed by Soul Seeker, the third single from the album but was actually one of the first tracks recorded. As Ben explains: “Soul Seeker was the first song we did vocally in the studio and the flow was amazing, everything just came so easily with this one, this song just felt natural! We knew that the energy of the song needed to be portrayed in the video and by keeping it strictly performance-based, we knew we could lose our shit and give it the energy it deserves.”

The track shows the more melodic side of InVisions, while retaining that intense brutality. It opens up with a darting guitar riff countered by huge screams and smashing chords. It then drops into a hugely heavy blitz of screamed vocals through the verse, that’s countered by a brief glimpse of melodic vocals then the return of the intense screams. This leads into a chorus of awesome melodic vocals over dark instrumentals of chugging, dark guitar chords, the opening riff and huge drums. Wild vocals of “My fucking name is on this bullet” follow, flowing into another rendition of the gothic feeling, singalong chorus.

Guitarist Lucas Gabb adds: “It’s actually a bit of a concept track. It’s written from the perspective of Neo in The Matrix but it ties very closely into something we have all experienced in terms of being told who you should be and how you should live your life. It’s that nagging feeling at the back of your mind – knowing something isn’t quite right and you want something more. The high intensity riffs matched with the huge chorus made us realise what kind of recipe we wanted to grill up across the whole album.”

Check out the video below:

The intense Hate Me (Forsake Me) follows, with its atmospheric, almost haunting keyboard riffs and big singalong choruses, and awesome fast-paced guitar solo and trademark bursts of fast-paced screams.

Next up is the awesome Purge, which we featured when introducing InVisions a couple of months ago. Its hooky opening riff returns throughout, but initially leads into a big metal smash-out in an exciting intro. A big opening verse of intensely heavy vocals flows into a chorus of more melodic, singalong vocals that ends in a big scream and another smash of metal guitars. The second chorus is followed by a barrage of heavy vocals and a brief pause for breath before flying back into the chorus with big high-pitched guitar riffs. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Penultimate track Faith In Another shows off the melodic talents of the band, opening up with a delicious guitar riff and a chilled, melodic opening verse. But that calm serenity is suddenly blasted from the memory with a big hit of heavy vocals that flow into a melodic chorus. The second verse is more intense yet effortlessly catchy leading into the shouted vocals of “Don’t let go, Don’t give in, It won’t be long before I’m coming home so, Don’t let go, Don’t let in, With every second I am getting closer” that prelude the singalong chorus. The second of which is followed by fun guitar riffs supporting passionate vocals that see us through to its conclusion.

The album concludes with Illusionist, which sees a return to the breakneck metal vocals and low-tuned chords. A wild blitz of vocals ends with all the music dropping out and a whisper of “Or shut you mouth you cunt” that leads into a more melodic, but equally heavy chorus then a scream gives way to a big smash of guitars and more wild vocals. The track, and for that matter, the album ends with a moment of calm, then a final rendition of the more melodic chorus, which is followed by a cry of “So fucking arrogant you self-righteous cunts” and a series of repeats of the C-word, to bring the album to a fittingly brutal ending.

Never Nothing is a superb introduction to InVisions, and is testament to the efforts of a superb DIY band that has been around for less than a year, and is committed to doing it all themselves.

The album was self-released by the band, of which Ben told us: “I think doing it self-released is a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We’ve put a lot of effort, time and money into this and we want to be seen/heard by as many people as possible. I hope we’ve come up with things that people will enjoy and fall in love with and that’s why doing it self-released without any form of backing is a bit nerve racking but I can’t wait for people to hear it nonetheless. Whether it’s my dog who’s jamming it or someone across the world, I’ll be stoked to finally have it out and accessible!”

Never Nothing is out now, and you can get hold of it on iTunes, the band’s merch site, and Spotify. You can follow InVisions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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