Introducing: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

Virginia Beach rockers Give ‘Em Hell, Kid have honed a ridiculously infectious, and utterly unique sound of post-hardcore and metal fused with a southern drawl that’ll have you hooked.

Hailing from the east coast of the United States, the five-piece of vocalist Ryan Polesko, guitarists Jared Griffith and Tyler Stallard, bassist Jason Stevens and drummer Casey House have been around since mid-2014. But they are really getting rolling now as they gear up to the release of their debut album Some Say in Fire later this year.

We caught up with the band this week, and they perfectly summed up the GEHK sound as: “Melodic, aggressive and catchy with a southern rock groove. It’s like an itch you can’t seem to scratch at enough.”

And their debut album promises to be something special if its first single release The Thriller Killer Whisky Richard is anything to go by. It kicks off with a cool guitar riff, then cries of “hey” that lead into a big scream of “Alright!” and a heavier smash up of the original riff that leads into an opening verse of screamed vocals beginning with th awesome opening lines “This is it, The fall of everything, Bring out your booze, Bring out your boys” with fast-paced riffs driving the song forward.

The pace of Polesko’s vocals pick up ahead of a couple of repeats of “Bring it back” before the introductory riff returns, then three big screams of “Don’t take the drink from my hand, For I will remain a God among Man.” The track speeds to a big ending with fast-paced riffs over the top of spoken vocals that begin “Someone pour me another fucking shot” – which pretty much sums up the theme of the song.

The song is awesome and they’ve created an equally cool video mashing up scenes of boozing in movies, check it out below:

The only other track we’ve heard from the band is Millennial Revolt, which begins with a shout of “This is a call to my generation” before launching into more awesome guitar riffing. There’s a superb breakdown of big headbang inducing guitars mid-way through that leads to bursts of guitar over some huge bass as the song descends into magical wildness.

Give ‘Em Hell, Kid draw influence from a broad spectrum of music, from the likes of Slipknot, The Devil Wears Prada and Avenged Sevenfold to From Autumn To Ashes, My Chemical Romance and Periphery. They describe their music as “energetic, ardent and original” and tell us: “As far as why we wanted to be in a band, all of us can agree that we just have so much built up inside of us, and making music kinda allows those emotions to breathe.

“It’s usually a catharsis.  We enjoy writing on subjects that weigh heavily on emotions with lovers, mental health, and also feelings towards the current political climate in the US.”

We love the sound of GEHK from what we’ve heard so far so we’re looking forward to hearing more very shortly. They make songs that are loud, fast and passionate and generally good fun to listen to – so check them out!

The Thriller Killer Whisky Richard is out now, and debut album Some Say in Fire will be released later this autumn. The band have been hard at work shooting music videos for some of the tracks and will be opening for Miss May I, Ice Nine Kills, Capsize and Lorna Shore on the Chaos Rising Tour at Shakas in Virginia Beach on 13 September – so if you’re in the area, go and check them out. Tickets are available here.

You can follow Give ‘Em Hell Kid on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube and Spotify.

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