Introducing: More Than Machines

A few months back we saw our friends in Jack The Envious support an exciting band called More Than Machines from across the pond in Ireland, and the good news is we’ve caught up with them to bring their high-energy punk rock into your lives.

The Dublin quartet began life back in January 2015 as Beware Of You, under which they released two EPs before becoming More Than Machines in November. We spoke to bassist Brian Loughney, who on the night we saw them personified the band’s high-energy approach, to find out more.

Brian told us: “There were a couple of reasons why we made the switch, the main one being that we were changing our sound and approach to music. Before we changed our name, the band was something we just did and had fun with but now we are really thinking about what we are doing music-wise across all aspects, from our sound, to our writing process, to our visuals.

“I think we were all really heavily influenced by music in our lives and, just being around other people with the same passion and mentality, it was a natural progression for us to get started playing music, even well before More Than Machines started.”

We asked Brian to sum up the More Than Machines sound in three words and, well, he failed. But what he did say was: “Well firstly, energetic is a must. Anyone who has seen our live show will understand this. Real, I say this because when we write our songs each and every one of them is written around a real life experience that at least one of us has experienced. This goes for the music and the lyrics.

“We think people can really relate to everything we play in some way and people have even come up to us and talked to us about how a song has affected them, which is pretty awesome. Lastly, Heavy-technical-pop-punk-happy-metal-easycore. Ok, that’s really more than one word but we don’t like to define ourselves into a specific genre, our music appeals to a wide range of people from people who listen to everything from chart pop to technical metal, and we want to keep it that way.”

As Brian eludes to, the band is full of energy in their live shows, but that energy comes across in their recorded music too. Their latest single Youth is a singalong punk anthem for younger generations, which is big on punky riffs and driving drums in support of Leah Moore’s engaging vocals. The big chorus vocal “If we don’t speak, who’s gonna speak for us?, We are the youth, the forgotten truth,” will be stuck in your head for hours. The track is representative of the heavier approach since the band name switch-up, while retaining the catchiness of their pop punk roots.

Indeed, one thing that defines More Than Machines is their ability to change things up. Having started out very much as a pop punk act, the band has evolved to easycore and is gradually getting heavier and more technical, to the extent that Brian tells us their new music sounds like a mix between Four Year Strong, Issues and Periphery, so we’re looking forward to hearing more soon.

We’ve spoken to a few good Irish bands in the last few months, but More Than Machines are easily the heaviest, punkiest we’ve met so far. So we asked Brian for his thoughts on the current state of Irish music. “There are so many good bands in Ireland at the moment, not just in the rock scene,” he explained. “The quality of music coming through is higher than ever and it’s amazing to see and hear. It pushes everyone to be even better which will only be a good thing for Irish music.

“We may be the heaviest you’ve spoken to so far but we suggest looking into the Irish metal scene, honestly it is one of the best in the world right now with bands, like Dead Label and The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, becoming major players at massive festivals around the world.”

We also asked him to summarise how playing in England compared to their homeland. “In general, gigging in the UK has been a very similar experience to gigging in Ireland,” Brian said. “The crowds are there to have a good time and they get involved in every band’s set from the start right to the end. We are fortunate enough to have a bit of a fan base in the UK and it was cool to finally meet them in person on our recent tour.”

More Than Machines have just wrapped up another Irish tour and have begun work on their first full length album, which they hope to record later this year, and hope to be back in the UK very shortly. So stay tuned and check them out, as Brian says: “Ask us directly, we always love talking to people and answering any questions they have. Send us an email or get in touch through our social media profiles and we’ll be happy to get back to you.”

You can follow More Than Machines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, and as Beware Of You on Spotify.

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