Introducing: Huxtable

Rock duos seem to be on-trend right now, and we’ve got another awesome new duo to add to the growing list in Scottish rockers Huxtable.

The Ayrshire duo of Jordan Yates on guitar and vocals and Marc William Brown on drums and harmonies have spent the last few years honing their brand of “riff-rock.”

We caught up with the guys ahead of the launch of new EP Change Shape Future on 29 September, and they told us: “If you like riffs and hooks, you might be pleasantly surprised. Listen to it. For some reason religion seems to pop its head up quite frequently. Neither of us are religious, but it seems to be a small theme running through the band lyrically.”

If the first single from the EP is anything to go by, then it promises to be pretty damn good. Don’t Do Anything Fancy opens up with a cool low riff which continues through an opening verse, that builds in intensity towards a big powerful chorus of screamed vocals “What you want, What you need.” It’s big, it’s loud, chocked full of riffs and catchy vocals – oh, and there’s a cheeky kazoo solo for good measure. Check it out in the slightly nutty video below:

Looking ahead to the EP, the band said: “Change Shape Future is all about embracing change and how if you want something different out of life you need to make changes. It’s a pretty basic idea really, but one I think we need to be reminded of. Constantly adapt to where you want to be in the future- make the change that will shape your future.

“We’ve been writing for about 18 months, the original plan was to do an album – but we decided that an EP would be the best way to go. It’s quite a nerve racking thing having been in a little bubble for so long and now we are thinking this is the most confident record we have made, let’s see if people agree! It’s an excited nervousness.”

And, on that increasingly common rock duo concept, they added: “It is just easier to make the schedules of two people work, rather than four or five. It’s easier to agree on things too, and we generally only do things we both agree on. It’s been a life long thing for both of us – we just wanted to make noise, so we did.”

Don’t Do Anything Fancy is out now, and the new EP Change Shape Future is out on 29 September. They’ll be holding an EP release party at King Tuts in Glasgow on 29 September, with tickets available here.

You can also catch the band on tour next month, beginning at The Drouthy Cobbler in Elgin on 13 October, with gigs in Inverness, Newcastle, Hull, Darwen and Bolton before finishing up in Edinburgh on 21 October. Check out all their upcoming gigs here.

You can follow Huxtable on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube, and Spotify.

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