Introducing: Farebrother release video for Rewind

Bath indie-rock four-piece Farebrother offer up an intriguing sound built around intricate harmonies and exhilarating ambience, which is winning over new fans – including a certain Game Of Thrones actress.

The quartet of Tom Hunt (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Michael Vowell (lead guitar and vocals), Owen Stephens (bass guitar and vocals) and Matthew Day (drums and percussion) have just released the video for their second single Rewind. We caught up with frontman Tom Hunt to get the lowdown on the track. “Ah man it’s been ace! It’s been quite a while for us really, without releasing any music so it feels great, and we’ve had so many people write so many good things about it, it’s really overwhelming.

“I would say if you’ve never heard any of our music before, I guess, and without sounding too confident, I haven’t really heard much newly released music that sounds or travels like Rewind does, so I guess it’s quite different in that respect. Whereas, if you’re a custom to our first EP then it’s a big old step forward, and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Rewind starts with reverby noise and a hit of drums, then a really cool, catchy riff that has you hooked from the off. Light vocals through the first verse are supported with lingering guitar harmonics that build the atmosphere up until a bigger, singalong chorus. The second chorus is followed by an excellent building vocal section that winds into a huge, ambient wall of noise that releases into a high-pitched guitar solo to bring it to an excellent ending. You can check out the track for yourself in the video below:

Talking of videos leads us on to Game Of Thrones. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the show, boosted support for the band by tweeting one of their videos, so we asked Tom how that came about. He said: “It wasn’t very random actually. She’s from our neck of the woods, we went to school with her for a short period of time, she knew a few of us and that we were making music and has expressed her interest in it a couple times. I guess it was more of a favour than anything, I dread to think what she’ll ask in return if she ever does!”

Tom and Michael have been making their own music since they were teenagers but never really got anything going until they met Matt to become a three-piece for a year or so, then Owen came along to one of their gigs and offered to step in on bass. As Tom says: “It blossomed from there really. Individually we’d all shown obvious signs of wanting to push our music forward but I guess it’s only really come to be at it’s strongest now we’re all in it together.”

In terms of what influences their writing, Tom tells us: “All sorts really. Lyrically, I take a lot and as much inspiration as I can from my own experiences you know, it’s a good way to just unload my emotional sewage… But we all actively listen to a lot of music, past and present so we’re always coming across great bands and great music. That’s always such good inspiration to just get together and develop the Farebrother sound.”

Talking of bands and music that inspires, the Farebrother sound is very much a mixed bag of influences from The Eagles through to The Maccabees. In Tom’s words: “We’re very eclectic and like to take in pretty much anything.”

We’ve met a few bands from the Bath area recently, so asked Tom for his thoughts on the local scene. He said: “It’s strange. I’ll say it has its moments, because there have been a great load of bands come through from Bath as you know, and hopefully we’re maintaining that, but it’s weird really. Sometimes it feels amazing, sometimes it feels like a ghost town, so it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it definitely looks like it’s on the up which is ace.”

You can see Farebrother at Mr Wolfs in Bristol next Saturday (16 September), then supporting The Sherlocks on their UK tour at SWX Bristol on 20 September. More info on their upcoming gigs is here. They also hope to be back in the studio as soon a possible and plan to have more new music out before the end of the year.

You can follow Farebrother on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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