Introducing: Killin’ Baudelaire

Milanese rockers Killin’ Baudelaire are the latest in a stream of great new rock and metal bands emerging from Italy. The quartet have honed a rock sound that is exciting and powerful yet melodically captivating and touching, which you can see yourself when they play five shows across England later this month, kicking off at the Hope & Anchor in Camden next Tuesday (19 September).

The band was formed in early 2015 and went through a few ‘adjustments’ through the first couple of years, of which the band tell us: “It started as a game, we honestly didn’t know where we were going.” The current lineup emerged at the beginning of this year and sees the band “doing things seriously” with the quartet of Elisa ‘Helly’ Scandella (vocals), Martina ‘Nixe’ Riva (guitars and backing vocals), Alice Lane Pandini (bass) and Martina ‘Cleo’ Ungarelli (drums and vocals).

The new lineup is certainly seeing Killin’ Baudelaire going places, with their huge vocals and big riffs adding rocky strength to their delicious melodies. In their words: “We would say that is a quite groovy sound with a lot of riffs and a hammering bass, with a voice that can be calm and lovely yet aggresive and threatening! The lyrics are often cryptic but still very emotional.”

The band’s diverse sound is perfectly portrayed on Wasted, the lead single from their debut EP It Tastes Like Sugar (which we should point out contains previous vocalist Glo Harmonee and guitarist Francesca Bernasconi). The vocals are edgy and powerful through the verse, but more melodic through the catchy, singalong chorus. There’s big chunky riffs throughout and booming drums that drive this big rock track forward throughout. Check it out in the video below:

The band begin their tour on 19 September, so we asked them what UK music fans should expect. They told us: “They should expect four girls, a little bit scared maybe, but impatient to play their songs and share their music to the world. The show is quite impressive, thanks to our groove and the magical voices mash up between our lead singer Helly, who’s got a very strong and screaming voice, and our drummer Cleo, who sings as well with a really intense and emotional clean voice. Of course we are strongly excited to be out of Italy and to tour Europe. We literally can’t wait!”

We’ve spoken to a few great rock bands emerging from Italy recently, and asked the band for their thoughts on the Italian music scene. They told us: “Actually the Italian rock and metal scene’s really got a point on these days. There are a lot of Italian bands that are doing a very good job. We are proud to be Italian, even though we write in English and get inspired by a more international kind of rock music, and we’re happy to be in that scene, that’s starting right now to make big steps.”

You can see Killin’ Baudelaire begin their European tour at Hope & Anchor in Camden on 19 September, and they’ll also be playing gigs in Darwen, Birmingham, Evesham and Bolton on the next four evenings. Ticket info is available here and on their Facebook page.

Following their tour, Killin’ Baudelaire will be putting the final touches to their first album, which should be recorded by the end of 2017 and released next year.

You can follow Killin’ Baudelaire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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