New Band of the Week: You Win Again Gravity

Windsor rockers You Win Again Gravity freely admit they are something ‘a little different to the norm,’ combining technical, almost mathy post-hardcore with heavy rock and delicious melodies.

The notion of ‘new band’ is slightly misleading for the quartet of Jack Jennings (vocals and guitar), Daniel Dreelan (guitar and backing vocals), James Mackenzie (drums andb acking vocals), Johnny Bastable (guitar) and Andy Janson (bass). Indeed, the band has evolved over the last 14 years, with James the sole original member of a group that began life playing Blink-182 covers through to their much more interesting current guise – which justifies our New Band of the Week claim.

However, as Jack tells us, some things haven’t changed too much: “Although the band members have changed, we still today practice in the same room where he (James) set up his first drum kit. Shout-out to his incredible parents for letting us make so much noise for all this time! That said, we’ve been settled in terms of members for a good few years now, which is great because we have really tight bonds and essentially zero drama.”

When asked to describe the band’s unique sound, Jack explains: “Something a little different to the norm – we like to play with rhythm and texture a lot, moving from more heavy, distorted, mathy sections to delicate clean breaks and layered post rock pretty easily. But it’s all about the song; not all songs need to do that, and too much experimentation runs the risk of making you sound pretentious and messy, so we try to follow the lyrics and work out what the point of the track is.

“Our hopeful aim is to make our music sound consistent in tone but not repetitive, and to have as much fun along the way as possible.”

The band was first introduced to us as ‘progressive post-hardcore with a touch of originality’ so we asked Jack if this implied a lack of originality in post-hardcore, which he was quick to shoot down. “No, actually we would say it’s the opposite,” he said. “As far as genres go, we really feel post-hardcore encompasses such a wide range of varying, unique styles. While we all have slightly different music tastes, be it Glassjaw or Dance Gavin Dance or Brand New, they can arguably all fall under the umbrella of post-hardcore, which tends to make the term pretty loose.

“Where we like to feel like we add something a bit different, is through our approach to song-writing, and hopefully we incorporate our own progressive and technical elements to achieve a sound that isn’t quite like anyone else.”

The band releases mini-album Anonymity on 2 October, which came about as an expansion of previous EP What’s Left of the Distance. As Jack explains: “We had recorded three tracks in Folkestone with Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios, and as soon as we left we had motivation to get writing and head straight back. The result was a collection of tracks which all continued the same theme, loosely focusing on a negative aspect of human persona.

“The tracks feel a little more polished than previous releases, but it still sounds like us. There’s a little bit more experimentation going on too; especially obvious in the title track being a 7+ minute epic, but we think it’s clearer that we’re enjoying having a bit more fun with what we’re writing as we go.”

And, in terms of what inspires their music, Jack continues: “All sorts really, as we’re sure most songwriters would say. Sometimes after composing some chord progressions or a lead line you can instantly get a feel for the kind of mood that that section should be about, but just as often you can find yourself angry or excited about a conversation or an incident on the bus, and by the time you’re home you’ve got some lyrics ready and everything suddenly revolves around them.

“Recent themes are to do with darker human emotions and traits, but there’s so much of that that’s evident in today’s social and political affairs that it’s hard to avoid thinking about it sometimes.”

Sounds exciting, and we can’t wait for the new album to be released next month. YWAG are the first band we’ve met from Windsor, so we asked them for their take on the local scene. Jack said: “Ah we love Windsor! Some of us live in different locations (Kingston, Chertsey, Newbury) but Windsor was where we grew up and will always be home. Although we know a few great bands with roots here, the metal/rock scene is unfortunately not particularly strong. This usually means any gigs we play extend to Reading, Kingston, or just Greater London, areas. Windsor’s close enough to all of the above to make that fairly easy, but it would be great to have some more local groups around to gig with!”

Anonymity is out on 2 October, and the band will release a video for the first single Grace & Focus shortly. They’ll then be out on the road to support the release as, in Jack’s words: “We’ve clearly spent too much time writing and not enough time out having fun. We like to think that we’re a solid bunch of guys with a good attitude, who like to write music that they’d want to listen to.

“We’re not very good-looking, but we scrub up lovely, and we can put on one hell of a barbeque. We hope that you’ll see what we see in our song-writing, but if you ever happen to see us, come and say ‘hi’ regardless. We’re all in this because it’s what we want to do with our lives, and that’s something that all music fans can share.”

You can follow You Win Again Gravity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on BandcampSpotify and YouTube.

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