Introducing: Novatines launch debut single Medicine

Nestled in the heart of England in the middle of the beautiful Cotswolds, Bath is not only loaded with Roman heritage but rich rock’n’roll history. Maintaining the city’s rock integrity are Novatines, who step into shoes once filled by the likes of Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel and Alison Goldfrapp.

The five-piece’s self-assessment of their sound alone is enough to have you intrigued, in their words: “Unapologetically loud and honest rock music with fucking massive choruses.”

The first example we get of this is their debut single Medicine, which was recorded live and self-produced by the band and released today with Dirty 38 Records.

The song opens up with a reverby sound then a fast-paced rolling bassline before a quick blitz of funky guitar. The bass continues through a brooding opening verse then repeats of “I’m done and I’m done and I’m done” lead into a big singalong chorus, with the ridiculously catchy vocals of “We don’t need no medicine.”

A heavier second verse follows, then a repeat of the chorus and a big guitar solo. The instruments ten drop out with layers of vocals calling out the “We don’t need no medicine” then diving back into another rendition of the excellent chorus, before closing out with a big blast of big rocky guitar and drums. Check it out for yourself in the stream below:

We can’t get enough of this track and it’s hard to believe something so catchy is their debut effort, so we had a chat with vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jamie Beale to find out more about Novatines. We asked him what rock fans should expect from their debut single, and he told us: “We’ve been working on this for a little while now, and playing music together for even longer. There are no accidents.

“We are always writing new music, the wheels don’t stop turning for no-one, it’s a never ending process and we seem to get better at it each time. We’ve been particularly excited for people to hear what we do, and now is the time for it!”

As alluded to above, Medicine was recorded and produced by the band – completed by Tom Cory (guitar and vocals), Benjamin Lythe (keys and vocals), Callum Moloney (drums and vocals) and Tom Turner (bass and vocals) – themselves. Jamie explains: “We record everything live, because we feel that is where the magic happens. Too many bands sound sparkly on recordings and shit live, we don’t ever want to be one of ‘those’ bands.

“We’ve all been making music together for a little while now. We all share the same ethos when it comes to music, I don’t think there is an alternative reality out there where we are not making music together, trippy.”

The band draws influence from the likes of classic rock bands like Oasis and Foo Fighters through to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but in terms of what influences them to write music Jamie tells us: “It just happens to be honest, it comes from nowhere – just like all great things in life. If you start planning songwriting and following formulas, you aren’t doing it right. I suppose we have a pretty 60/70’s outlook on music.”

Novatines will be busy gigging, writing and getting back in the studio over the winter, so stay tuned for more soon.

You can follow Novatines on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Soundcloud.

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