Introducing: Stand Atlantic launch debut EP ‘Sidewinder’

Australian rockers Stand Atlantic are your perfect combination of catchy pop-punk melodies with an aggressive, punky edge.

The trio of Bonnie Fraser (vocals and guitar), David Potter (bass) and Jonno Panichi (drums) have just finished up touring their homeland with punk rock heavywights New Found Glory,

We had a chat with Bonnie, and first up asked her about the tour. She told us: “It was wild to say the least. Having our first AUS tour in a while with such an influential band like New Found Glory just made us feel like the luckiest people ever. Playing such big venues as well really threw us in the deep end but we learned so much so quickly because of it – couldn’t have asked for a better tour to kick off with!”

The band has just released its debut EP Sidewinder, which kicks off with the lead single of the same name. The track opens up with Bonnie’s vocals and palm-muted guitars in a relaxed verse that soon bursts into life in a big singalong chorus, which closes out with delicious high-pitched cry of “Sidewinder.” The second verse is more intense with bigger vocals as the song gets increasingly rockier. Check it out in the cool video below.

Next up, Mess I Made kicks off with gradually building guitars and cymbals then launches into a catchy pop-punk verse before a call of “It’s killing me, killing me” that you can’t help but sing along with. It’s the perfect mix of poppy catchiness and punky riffs and singalong vocals.

The pace drops down a little in the intro to Push, which soon develops into another catchy pop-punk track with big, singalong vocals. Interestingly, Bonnie tells us that Avril Lavigne was amongst her early musical influences, and this comes across in abundance with her vocal delivery and the catchiness in this track in particular, and throughout the EP generally.

The EP’s penultimate track is the band’s first ever single Coffee At Midnight, which is much more punky and opens up with the vocals “I don’t wanna see goodbye, Can’t we just say goodnight, Tell me how to change your mind, Over coffee at midnight” then dives into a hit of punky guitar chords. The first verse sees vocals supported by driving drums and occasional flicks of guitar, then the opening vocals return in a delicious, singalong chorus. It’s ridiculously catchy, and closes out with a really enjoyable rendition of the chorus vocals. Check it out in the video below:

The EP ends with the angsty Chemicals, which also opens up with vocals and drums, then punky guitar chords join the action before a big singalong chorus with high-pitched guitars in support. There’s a cool section where the drums drop out, leaving palm-muted guitars supporting Bonnie’s vocals “The chemicals swirl inside my head, For static nerves that don’t connect, If this grey matter is all we got, I’ll do everything that I can.” Cymbals and guitar chords build towards a burst of impressive, heavier vocals to bring the EP to an excellent ending.

We asked Bonnie what people should expect from the EP and she told us: “The singles we’ve released so far give everyone a pretty good look at what to expect from the rest of the EP. Lots of poppy melodies, backed by aggressive guitars and drums.”

In addition to Lavigne, Bonnie cites Eminem among her early musical inspirations, with more recent influences being the likes of Frank Ocean, The Story So Far, Moose Blood and more. And, on what inspires their music, she tells us: “Lyrically I just write about what I’m going through at the time, if something’s affected me in a certain way, positive or negative. If I’ve hurt someone or someone’s hurt me I’ll probably write a song about it.”

We also asked Bonnie for her take on the Australian indie and rock scene, on which she said: “Well, AUS is pretty small in population in comparison to other major markets like the UK, Europe, US and Asia. But I think because we know Australia is so small it makes bands that are serious about this work ten times harder, so we end up having a bunch of really hardworking and awesome bands.”


There’s plenty more to come from Stand Atlantic, with Bonnie telling us they “will have some really cool things to announce in due time” so stay tuned for more shortly.

Sidewinder is out now, and you can get hold of it here. You can follow Stand Atlantic on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

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