Introducing: Lights on the Coast

Albuquerque rockers Lights on the Coast have taken the interesting step of merging their four favourite genres of music into one unique sound, which they describe as bringing together ‘various elements of Metalcore, Deep Dubstep, melody and chaos.’

The quartet of Alexander Mendez (harsh vocals), Matt Torres (clean vocals, guitar and electronics), Ian Brown (guitar) and Jason Martinez (drums) have been around in some format since 2012, took a hiatus in 2015, but are now back with a vengeance, a new name and a new image – starting with that intriguing sound.

As Matt tells us: “There’s one thing for sure, we love BASS! Our sound was inspired by combining all of our favourite genres of music into one. We like to create melodic but heavy guitar riffs, ambient and rhythmic choruses that are memorable followed by almost strictly Dubstep bridges or breaks and sometimes intros. We like to match the live instruments with equal amounts of electronic layers as possible because we do not wish to lean towards one specific genre.”

New single Falling , which was released at the end of August, is testament to that. Matt explains: “Falling was a fun song to create because it was the first we wrote in a completely new tuning for us, Drop A. This song was a test to see how we’d sound with that low of a tuning and it seemed to work out. So definitely you can expect heavy, chaotic, dark ambiance that we’ve haven’t presented before.”

Unsurprisingly, given the Drop A tuning, this is pretty heavy stuff, but with moments of contrasting melody sprinkled throughout. The track kicks off with huge screamed vocals from Mendez alongside darting guitar riffs and a huge, booming bass drum, which is prominent throughout. The screams continue through to a verse of clean vocals, with bursts of the huge bass drum and floaty guitar licks.

A doomy bridge fills in until an even heavier second verse of powerful low-tuned guitars and bursts of electronica supporting booming screamed vocals that lead back into another clean chorus. That;s followed by a moment of calm, with flickers of electronic noise and drums, before launching back into a final rendition of the chorus.

This is really powerful stuff, so we asked Matt to explain what influences their music. He said: “Honestly, it’s very easy to find inspiration to write new music. We can be inspired by listening to our favourite songs or new tunes we’ve never heard before and this can happen any time of the day. Usually when we feel most inspired, we’ll try to capture our ideas in the moment by recording them.

“We all have the ability to track and that’s a valuable tool to come up with the best ideas and organise them the way we want. As far as key themes or topics, we generally like positive realism. We always try to throw in hopeful or positive messages in our lyrics. With that being said, we also like to portray these thoughts in artistic ways and we feel that is a quality that makes us a little more unique.”

We’ve not met too many bands from the southern reaches of the US, so asked Matt to sum up the current music scene in their homeland. He explained: “Albuquerque has a very thriving music scene which consists of mostly Metal. The various sub-genres range anywhere from Alternative to Death Metal and everywhere in between. Metal is definitely king over here but that’s not to discredit all of the other Pop Punk and Acoustic artists in the mix.”

The band, which takes influence from bands as diverse as Like Moths To Flames, Alesana and Burden of a Day to Datsik, Oceans Ate Alaska and A Faylene Sky, is currently working on its first full EP and plan on writing and shooting a music video for a song from it before 2017. They also want to build up a series of their best recorded songs to start playing shows in 2018.

There’s plenty more to come and, as Matt tells us, they want people to give their cross-genre music a shot. He explains: “We know that the idea might seem out of the norm as far as our genre goes but we ask that everyone at least give us one listen. They might like what they hear and further than that, if you listen and become inspired, then we’ve accomplished more of our goal.”

You can follow Lights on the Coast on Facebook and Twitter, and get hold of their music on iTunes and Spotify.

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