Introducing: Mosley Bar

Indie is dead. Or so at least that’s what people like to believe.

After its height in the mid to late 2000s with the commercial success of Arctic Monkeys, Libertines and the plethora of other four piece boys bands donning fedoras and skinny jeans, the indie scene moved on, in tune with the cyclical nature of popular music. Today, it’s safe to say we’re living in the age of peak electro-pop and grime. A look at the recent Mercury Prize nominees and winners confirms this.

So what makes young musicians today want to recreate the ‘indie’ sound – one that was so ubiquitous ten years ago?

Enter: Mosley Bar.

They describe their music as ‘energetic, massive and indie’, citing influences such as the aforementioned Arctic Monkeys, as well as Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves and Two Door Cinema Club. Their songs touch on themes of nights out, being in a band, and girls. It’s classic lad rock made by lads.

The band are also willing to accept their lack of originality. “A few people have said that our music isn’t anything new, and to be honest, I agree,” bassist Tim Williams admits. But they’re adamant that there’s a certain twist to their tunes that make them sound different. “It’s indie rock. You can sometimes hear our influences, but it’s got its own uniqueness to it,” drummer Matthew Wright adds. 

Their latest efforts can be heard in their EP, Royalties. It’s a sonic evolution from the their previous release, with a more ‘grown up’ indie sound. “We’ve made a step up in our songwriting – we’ve matured and improved. I think people should expect to us continue to grow and improve over the next year or so,” says Williams.

The band has high hopes for their next steps. Contemplating the future, Williams says: “I think we’re at a phase now where we’e emerging from a young and naive band into a fresh new act, full of potential. We want to shed off our old skin and crack on to the next step.”

With plans to continue gigging, writing, and a deadline to hit the recording studio in December, Mosley Bar aren’t afraid of going against the popular grain. In a world dominated by synths and laptops, let’s doff our proverbial fedoras to the four-piece and guitars.

Follow the boys on Facebook and Twitter, and have a listen to their music on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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