Introducing: In Search Of Sun

London rockers In Search Of Sun have marked a long overdue release of new music with an absolute banger of a tune in Say It Like You See It, their first release since debut album The World Is Yours back in 2014.

The five-piece of Adam Leader (vocals), Rory Kay (guitar and vocals), David Mena Ferrer (guitars), Faz Couri (bass) and Sean Gorman (drums and percussion) first started in one form or another all the way back in 2010, when Adam and Dave met in their local pub. The latter asked if he was looking for band members, the former said “Yes, I’m still the only member” and the band had immediately doubled in size.

Adam recalls: “So he started playing me riffs he’d recorded on his phone which I was really digging! Following that, we’d hook up almost every day and just jam together and try and come up with song structures. Dave eventually suggested bringing Faz in to try out on the bass, so he did. Faz turns up one day, we go into my bedroom, started jamming a riff together and it sounded incredible, so he joined. In comes Sean and we begin going to a studio to play this stuff as loud as possible. February 2011, Rory comes in and completes the puzzle and we were finally a band. We played our first show on April 15th that same year and the rest is history.”

The band’s debut album gained them plenty of plaudits and they set about building their profile on the back of it, sharing stages with the likes of Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend and Twelve Foot Ninja, as well as playing Download Festival in 2016.

And now, having just signed to Spinefarm Records, they’re all set to take things to the next level – beginning with the release of the excellent Say It Like You See It earlier this month.

The track opens with a big drum roll and a fun, chunky guitar riff before dropping down into a rocky opening verse with bursts of guitars. That flows into a big singalong chorus with catchy vocals “Can you say it like I would? Say it like you see it, Show them that you’re staying true to what they don’t believe in, Say it like you should, Say it like you see it” supported by the opening guitar riff.

A bigger second verse sees high-pitched guitars floating throughout before another big chorus – followed by lingering high-pitched guitar and the funky riff builds the intensity, before dropping down into a period of crooning vocals. A big drum roll kicks the track back into life, with repeats of “Who I’m flying so high” leading into a final rendition of the catchy chorus then ending on a big smash of guitars and drums that gradually fade out.

Check it out in the video below:

The single is the first from upcoming album Virgin Funk Mother, which will be released next month, and we asked Adam what we can expect from it. He told us: “We’re so excited about it, it’s everything we could have wished for it to be in terms of sound, vibe and power, and definitely a step up in terms of maturity. Since The World Is Yours debuted, our sound just continued to develop and the song writing became even more intricate and exciting than it already was!”

When asked what inspires their music, which he describes as “fresh, powerful and uplifting” Adam tells us: “Life, love, happiness, sadness, aggression and every other single emotion within the spectrum that manifests from our own personal experiences.”

Say It Like You See It is out now, and the album Virgin Funk Mother is out on 20 October. You can pre-order it via Spinefarm Records now.

You can follow In Search Of Sun on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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