Introducing: Indie-rock trio Fick As Fieves launch single ‘English Weather’

Energetic indie-rock trio Fick As Fieves may hail from a sleepy seaside town in Suffolk, but it’s impossible not to pronounce their name without sounding like a Cockney wide-boy. Indeed, the band tell us its origin comes from Harry Campbell’s (guitar, bass and vocals) Essex-born dad helping them choose it and saying of ‘Thick As Thieves: “Na, na, Fick As Fieves” and it just stuck.

The Aldeburgh band, completed by Archie Arthur (who alternates between guitars and bass with Harry, and provides vocals) and Richard Aries (drums), have been together for just over a year but are already winning plenty of praise, including the infectious track Insomnia being added to Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist earlier this year.

They have also shared a bill with 2000 Trees headliners Slaves, Madness and Seasick Steve, on which Harry told us: “Yeah we played on the same bill as Slaves and Seasick Steve back in May at Bearded Theory Festival in Derbyshire, it was insane to be part of the same line up as them and felt privileged to do our thing knowing that they would be taking the stage later on. Slaves were mint and we had been wanting to see them for ages!”

The band today releases excellently catchy new single English Weather. A guitar bend kicks the track off and extends over a little riff that continues through the opening verse. Dual cries of “And I won’t have to worry about another one taking my place” from Harry and Archie lead into a funky little guitar blitz that leads into a catchy chorus that drops down into a quick vers,e then a little high-pitched guitar lick and a mini-solo that feeds into another chorus with more high-pitched guitars in support.

This is a delicious little indie-rock with fun riffs that you can’t help but dance along to and impeccably engaging vocals, the combination of which is hard not to compare to the mighty Milburn. Check the track out in the video below:

Richard tells us that Harry and Archie have been playing and writing music since they were young, then the former met him at college. Harry and Archie reunited last year and gave the drummer a call when their drum machine’s batteries died.

The trio draw inspiration from a wide range of music, from Circa Waves and Catfish and the Bottlemen through to Queens of the Stone Age, Tame Implala and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And, when asked what inspires their music, Harry tells us: “Anything and everything really, we don’t like to pin a focus on one thing. We tend to just write about things around us and what we see, mix it up with a few catchy riffs and there you have it, a fick as fives track.”



They have plenty coming up, including a few more singles, plenty of gigging and they’re set to be recording in Harry’s basement in preparation for 2018.

You can follow Fick As Fieves on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.


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