Gig Review: MassMatiks, Youth Killed It & How’s Harry

MassMatiks and Youth Killed It are two of the most exciting bands around, with their own versions of spoken word / rap meets rock. The duo teamed up to put on a great show in London on Friday night, with able support from How’s Harry at a sold-out Hoxton Bar and Kitchen.

DSC00908The evening was kicked off by south-east rockers How’s Harry, with their Incubus-like rocky sound led, in particular, by some impressive lead guitar.

They played a brand new song they told us they’d only played for the first time the previous night, then a really enjoyable fourth song that opened with a funky guitar riff that led into a building verse with high pitched guitars over the top, followed by a heavier chorus and a guitar solo.

They saved their best two songs for last, which coincided with the lead singer putting his guitar down. The final track in particular was really enjoyable, with delicious high-pitched guitars and catchy vocals on Othello. Go and give this great track a listen.

Next up was the exciting Norfolk five-piece Youth Killed It, who kicked off with the excellent (Jean-Claude) Van Mann, the opener from their debut modern Modern Bollitics. This big singalong track instantly had the crowd hooked and singing along.

DSC00909That was followed by a song “about your boss being a wanker,” then the fast-paced What Happened? The big You Don’t Know had the crowd singing along with the catchy chorus vocals “You don’t really know about me yeah, you don’t know about the sugars in my tea yeah.”

That was followed by two of the band’s new single Islands, then possibly my favourite of their songs Molly, which is all about frontman Jack Murphy’s girlfriend’s cat and saw Jack dig out his acoustic guitar.

Youth Killed It brought their entertaining set to an end with their big hit Popstar, which saw them go out in style with yet another crowd pleaser with its catchy chorus and big rocky guitars. We had a chat with the Youth Killed it guys at the show, so look out for more on them shortly.

The evening’s headline act was London rockers MassMatiks, who immediately got the crowd going with big opening track Live For The Weekend. That was followed by the huge Blank Wall, which had the crowd singing along and then erupted into circle pits and moshing through the big, rocky shoutalong chorus.

The high energy continued as the band dove straight into Gunning For You, which descended into a huge mosh out, followed by a song frontman George Peploe tells us they wrote after the Manchester bombing, which got really heavy towards the end.

DSC00915Latest single One Foot In The Club was next, and saw the crowd’s energy go to even higher levels as George jumped down from the stage to join us and it all went a little bit crazy. Read our thoughts on this single and an interview with George here.

The pace was dropped down a little as George got back down into the crowd to stand in the middle of us, surrounded by people, for a really chilled singalong song.

This was a great set from a band that has a growing reputation for its live shows, and it’s easy to see why. They engage the audience, and have a deceptive heaviness that makes you want to jump up and down and generally lose your mind to their ridiculously catchy music. If you get a chance to see any of these bands live, I firmly recommend you take it.

You can follow MassMatiks on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify, follow Youth Killed It on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify, and follow How’s Harry on Facebook and Twitter and check out their music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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