Introducing: Obsidian Darling

North Carolina quartet Obsidian Darling have gone through a rebrand and launched a new video that honours their darker new persona.

The band was first formed by vocalist Logan Christopher, who had started writing songs and played a couple of acoustic shows in Raleigh, the capital city of NC, but decided to find some band members – and discovered them through social site Craigslist.

I spoke to Logan to find out more, and first up asked her about the band’s name change. She explained: “The first big reason for the change was the difficulty of searching Paper Dolls on the Internet and actually finding us. Some people had a lot of trouble and others didn’t. However, it’s also notable that there are other active bands called Paper Dolls as well, and we want to be able to distribute our music without any chance of head butting or trouble!

“The second big reason is that I feel as if we have outgrown the name Paper Dolls. Obsidian Darling is something darker and something that matches my lyrics and the tone of many of our songs. I personally don’t feel like a doll anymore. I feel like a dark angel on stage sending out our sultry sound into the universe.”

This impactful image comes across in their latest single Heavy. It’s dark and brooding, sultry and lilting, and melodic yet rocky. It starts off with drawn out guitar notes and faint vocals then an atmospheric verse that begins with the slightly morbid vocals “You’re so pretty when you cry, I’m so happy I could die.” The pace picks up through a heavier chorus then drops down into the laid back guitar and vocal combo.

The end of the second chorus sees the track burst into life with some cool flowing guitar licks supporting Logan’s vocals “Let the ocean pull you down” before one final rendition of the big singalong chorus, which is followed by a really cool repeated guitar riff that brings the song to an end.

The track is dark, yet deliciously rocky. You can check it out in the video below:

I was first drawn to the band by their description ‘if you like Nirvana and Lana Del Rey then you’ll like us’ and the more I listen to them, the more intrigued I become. Logan explained: “I always used to say if Lana Del Rey and Kurt Cobain’s sounds had a baby, that it would be us. Lana has been a main vocal inspiration to me with her low and sultry tones as well as other female artists like Taylor Momsen and Lorde.

“Nirvana is something that has been described to us frequently by listeners and show-goers. So that’s how we came up with that particular description. We have also been compared to Incubus on a few songs, and also The Cure. We have a very large variety of sound in our setlist, so those are usually based on particular songs.”

Logan goes on to explain her music has been further influenced by a whole host of local female fronted bands: Raimee (Greensboro), A Light Divided (Winston Salem), Reason Define (Charlotte), Black Plague (Roanoke, VA), Kiss the Curse (Raleigh), and Blackwater Drowning (Charlotte).

She said: “These women have been able to give me a lot of advice when starting out and have been so incredibly supportive. It is always a big rumour that female artists have some sort of ‘competition’ between them within the scene. That isn’t true at all. I’ve received nothing but support from these ladies. I encourage everyone to listen to these bands when given a chance! The sounds range from hard-rock to metal and are all very different from us. And I think that says even more about the unity within the scene.”

And in terms of the songs themselves, Obsidian Darling’s dark sounding music tend to be inspired by personal experiences. As Logan says: “When I write my lyrics, they are usually about a bad breakup or an overwhelming feeling. I have been able to write songs in as little as ten minutes out of anger or despair. Other songs of course take longer. Many have to do with the struggle of mental illness. The lighter ones are usually when I sit down and say ‘hey, maybe we should have something positive’ and go back in time to more positive times. You can hear this in our song ‘Music Box’ at a live show.

Fresh from their rebrand, Obsidian Darling have a show at Slim’s, in Raleigh, in October with a few charity shows coming up, and have a more distant goal of working on a new EP.

Logan tells us: “We would love people to know that we love to play with all types of bands. Genre doesn’t matter to us, and that is something that is not always common. Just a random fact about Obsidian Darling!”

You can follow Obsidian Darling on Facebook, and check out their music on YouTube.

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