Our Lives In Cinema’s debut EP, video & exciting gig news

Earlier this year we introduced you to London-based punk rockers Our Lives In Cinema. One of the things that first drew us to this band was their impressive energy levels, which comes across in their engaging, breathless sound.

As Mark told us back when we first met them: “High energy is 100% the intention! I pack a lot of syllables into my phrases and write as many lyrics as I can for each song. I just think it’s more exciting to listen to, even if the melody isn’t perfect. Despite being pretty heavy for a pop-punk band, I think we still manage to sound pretty chirpy for the most part, I put that down to an emphasis on very catchy guitar melodies over the chords.”

Now the five-piece are back with a debut EP that epitomises this theory of the band’s music being exciting to listen to, alongside a punchy new video from its lead single, and a raft of exciting gig announcements.

The band’s self-titled EP Our Lives In Cinema kicks off with a blast of punky noise, in a lively intro to opening track Cut and Run. A blitz of high pitched guitars and smashing cymbals give way to an opening chorus featuring frontman Mark Bartlett’s trademark breathless vocals over palm-muted guitars. The vocals increase in intensity with a repeat of “Break, break, break” as the track builds into a huge layered smash of punkiness, with driving drums and high-pitched guitars over fast-paced vocals that see the song build in intensity. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

That’s followed by the brilliantly titled I’m Drunk! And None of This is Real, which I previously knew as She’s Aflame. It opens up with drawn-out guitar notes that lead into a fast-paced riff then drop down into rapid vocals supported by driving drums and guitars. A punky chorus is followed by the return of the opening guitar riffs, with high-pitched guitars over the top, that give way to a high-energy blitz of vocals, guitars and drums that lead into a repeat of the chorus.

The EP is closed out with the excellent I’ve Got This, which opens with a funky little riff supported by huge drums and chunky guitar chords then flies into a fast-paced opening verse. That flows straight into a singalong chorus followed by a return of the opening riff then another blisteringly fast verse. A chunky guitar chord breakdown follows, then more fast-paced vocals before one final blast of the chorus with high-pitched guitars floating over the top.

This is a cracking little EP, big on high octane punkiness that will tick the boxes for angry emos, punk-rockers and fans of post-hardcore alike. It’s chocked full of fun punky guitar riffs and huge drum support of Bartlett’s massively engaging, unique vocal delivery. You can give it a listen here.

Our Lives In Cinema will be supporting the mighty Sonic Boom Six at The Cocks Fighting Bar in Kingston, on Monday 20 November. More info on that gig is here. And if that’s too long to wait, then you can also see them this Saturday (7 October) at London’s Might As Well Fest III across The Macbeth of Hoxton and The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. Tickets are available for that here.

You can check out Our Lives In Cinema’s music on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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