New Band of the Week: Manchester’s latest indie-rock gem The Covasettes

Manchester has a rich history for producing great new rock bands, and I’m delighted to say it’s at it again with the emergence of fresh new indie rockers The Covasettes.

The quartet of Chris Buxton (lead vocals and guitar), Matt Hewlett (lead guitar and vocals), Jamie McIntyre (bass and vocals) and Matt Buckley (drums / percussion) met at university and, as they tell us, are all about helping people really enjoy music.

Chris tells us: “A guy at one of our gigs a while back came up to us and described our sound as ‘fun’ and we really liked that. We don’t stick to one specific genre or ‘sound,’ we just play our music and hope people at least nod their heads in agreement and/or lose their shit. We’re hoping that ‘Fun’ will become a new genre soon and we will be the kings of it.”

The Covasettes have just released their debut single This Feeling which, I’m sure Chris will be happy to hear, oozes fun in abundance. It opens up with rolling guitar chords, a mini drum roll, then a delicious mini guitar solo that preludes a laid back verse with floaty guitars supporting Chris’ vocals. It kicks into life in an energetic chorus that you can’t help but sing along to, then drops back down into another effortlessly engaging verse. The pace drops right down with a mini bridge of relaxed vocals that builds towards energetic repeats of the chorus, with a rolling guitar riff in support.

This Feeling is catchy and cool, with a delightfully rocky edge and Mancunian twang that gets more enjoyable with every listen. It’s a hugely impressive debut that suggests there’s real reason to be excited about Manchester’s latest indie-rock creation.

On the track, Chris told us: “We worked really hard to capture our live sound on the record. We wanted something that sounds as good on stage as it does through your headphones, so we didn’t overcomplicate things. It’s about just being away at uni and it’s inspired by everything that comes along with it. It’s the classic, slightly cheesy, love song with a girl playing ‘hard to get.’

“We don’t like to give too much away with our songs, we like people to have their own ideas and feelings about them. But it feels great to have the single out there! We’ve been gigging for the last year relentlessly as we wanted to perfect our live sound before we shared something with the world. To us this is just the beginning and hopefully the first of many singles. We’re starting as we mean to go on.”

One of the things that first drew us to The Covasettes was a phrase on their Facebook page ‘world ending riffs.’ Chris told us: “We always aim to sound as big as we can; we want our choruses to be singable, our riffs to be catchy and our beats to be groovy. We want to make songs that people can get behind, so that influences our sound massively. For people that haven’t listened to us yet our advice would be to come and see us, as we aren’t too good at blowing our own trumpets.”

There’s plenty more to come for The Covasettes, including heading back into the studio to start work on a new single. They also have several gigs coming up, starting at the Frog and Parrot in Sheffield on 6 October, Verve Bar in Leeds on 7 October and Soup Kitchen in Manchester on 18 November. More info on those gigs is available here.

This Feeling is out now and you can check it out on Spotify and BandCamp. You can follow The Covasettes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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