New Band of the Week: Bring The Onslaught

As the name suggests, Bring The Onslaught are brilliantly, brutally heavy – and the good news is that things are only going to get heavier from Aylesbury’s exciting metalcore newcomers.

The five-piece of vocalist Nick Wilshaw, drummer Ben Stacey, guitarist and vocalist Ashley Savage, lead guitarist Jonny Helm and bassist Adam Skinner describe their music as “energetic, uncivilised and relentless,” which pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

Bring The Onslaught started out as Ben writing a couple of tracks in his home studio, before finding Nick then adding the additional members as the project grew until the band was fully formed in April last year. Their efforts culminated in the release of debut EP The Sacrifice earlier this year and they’re due to release a follow-up shortly.

Ashley promises us: “Our next EP is going to be more honed and tighter than our debut release, we have taken a lot of time in between tours and shows to write together as a band and have taken feedback from The Sacrifice to build more solid song structures. This EP is going to be bigger, better and heavier than ever!”

If that’s true, then we can expect something huge as their debut is truly an onslaught on the senses. It kicks off with possibly their best all-round song to date, the poundingly heavy yet melodically infectious When Did It All Go Wrong. A darting guitar riff and drum rolls are met by a bloodcurdling scream that launches into a huge intro of guitars supported by wild drums. An intense opening verse of deep screamed vocals follows, supported by more massive drums and pounding cymbals. Melodic vocals of “I’ve got some things to prove” follow and are answered by more huge screamed vocals.

The first verse is followed by another metal pounding, then the brutality is answered by a melodic chorus with clean vocals “I’ve been so lost, For so long, When did it all go wrong,” countered by big screams. The instruments drop down with a relaxed rendition of the clean vocals, which soon launches into repeats of the vocals with bigger instrumental support including a huge guitar solo and bursts of screamed vocals supported by massive drums. The melodic, singalong contrast to the intense metal brutality is superb, and ridiculously catchy. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

The rest of the EP is heavier with brutal blitzes of metal throughout, as highlighted by the opening to Five A Day, which is followed by the intensely powerful Becoming A Martyr. And speaking of intense, leads us onto the EP’s stunning final track from which it takes its title The Sacrifice.

It opens up with booming, fast-paced guitar riffs supported by pounding drums and bass, then drops into a smash of screamed vocals with loads of cymbals driving us along a dark journey. A cry of “3, 2, 1” and a big scream sees the opening riff return before descending back into the darkness. A moment of brooding, morbid calm follows with violins over a lingering background, which continue in support of drawn-out vocals and guitars supported by distant screamed vocals that bring the EP to an end. Check it out in the video below:

Bring The Onslaught sound absolutely huge, and that’s something they carry into their live shows. As Ashley explains: “We come out swinging on stage, and give 100% energy in a live setting. We are firm believers of putting on a show, nobody wants to see five dudes standing still.”

The band members’ influences are many and varied. Drummer Ben tells us he finds it easier to write metal beats while listening to hip-hop – in his words “It’s weird but it works – while guitarists Jonny and Ashley take influence from Rush through to Blink-182 with a shared love for metalcore, which is also shared by both bassist Adam and Nick, who tells us his vocals are based around CJ from Thy Art is Murder, Franke from Emmure and Winston from Parkway Drive.

And in terms of what influences them to write music Ashley explains: “Life experiences, aggression and life’s stresses. We play what feels right, and channel our lives into the track; we pick the theme based on the song’s feeling. We write about what’s been pissing us off, what’s affected us, what we get passionate about.”

Bring The Onslaught are yet another name to add to the growing list of great new up-and-coming metal bands up and down the UK. And that’s a view that Ashley shares, as he tells us: “The metal scene in the UK is strong, really strong but you wouldn’t know its there. It’s hidden under rocks in small towns with communities that are super passionate, it just needs more attention to remove this negative stereotype that media pushes onto it. Take your time to speak to the bands, they are all busting their asses to make music and working hard.”

Bring The Onslaught will be playing plenty of shows through the rest of the year, including playing alongside Raging Speedhorn at Facebarmageddon at The Facebar in Reading on 9 December. Check their Facebook page for more gigs. They’re also booked in the studio for February, so there’s plenty more to come from them.

Ashley tells us: “We want people to know that we’re going to be visiting your town soon. And you need to get up and go check out your local scene. Keep your eyes peeled for a show near you, and come say hi!”

The Sacrifice is out now and available on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify. You can follow Bring The Onslaught on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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