Introducing: End Of Salvation

“Heavy, apocalyptic, crushing.” These are the three words that Brad Hanson, drummer of death metal band End of Salvation, plucks out of the air when summarising the band’s bonecrushingly brutal sound.

The five-piece, completed by vocalist Ryan ‘Dooders’ Duddridge, guitarists Frank Clow and Josh ‘Yoshi’ Brown, bassist Alec Pearson, are yet another reminder of the UK’s great up-and-coming metal scene. They’ve supported the likes of Feed The Rhino and Skindred, and their death metal sound is one of the heaviest we’ve covered yet, with Brad telling us: “We really zone out into these kind of monsters on stage.”

This darkness is conveyed in the band’s name and the names of their songs, which include the mighty sounding God of Annihilation. Brad explained: “The themes and topics we have in our songs on the first album are purely hypothetical – fantasy if you will. The new material for our second album is largely based on real world issues – disguised in double meanings in songs about the princes of hell. We’ll let you guys figure it out once that is released.”

Drawing influence from the likes of Thy Art is Murder, Carnifex and Behemoth, the band is on a mission to make it with their bruising metal. Brad says: “These guys crush every show and we wish to follow in their footsteps. We’re ready now to push further onwards! We all want to be metal stars, we’ve all got our idols!

“If you haven’t heard us yet, we ask you to come and see us once. Many people who wouldn’t be described as fans of metal have been brought down to a show by their friends and said to us afterwards that they enjoyed the electric atmosphere!”

The band’s sound is mastered in the release of debut album Monolith of Leviathan, which was released last year. The huge, aforementioned God of Annihilation is a perfect introduction to them, with big chugging guitars supporting Ryan’s intense screamed vocals, alongside massive pounding drums and dark, blitzing guitar riffs.

Equally good is the wild Serpent Messenger, which features an awesome driving riff supporting huge screamed vocals. The track closes out with a repeated cry of “I am the serpent that constricts the world, I will continue” then launching into a huge chugging riff, massive bass and driving drums that will doubtless destroy moshpits up and down the country. Check it out from Brad’s perspective in this cool live performance drum cam video:

The album is one long blitz of dark metal brilliance, so go give it a listen. You can see the band’s full set from Bloodstock 2016 in the video below:

As alluded to, the UK metal scene is in a great place. Brad expands: “We feel like the current state of metal in the UK (or at least where we have played) is in a state of resurrection. We remember it being huge when we where at school over ten years ago, and seemed to die a death five years later.

“In the last two years though I’ve noticed the numbers at gigs climbing massively. I think it’s the way people are right now – they’re a real alternative thinking crowd when it comes to politics, lifestyle and fashion and that goes hand in hand with metal. Long may it continue to grow!”

End of Salvation are currently in the studio writing and recording their new album. They’ll be appearing at the awesome sounding Facebarmageddon alongside Bring The Onslaught, our current New Band of the Week, and Raging Speedhorn. More info on that event, between 8-10 December at The Face Bar in Reading, is here.

You can follow End of Salvation on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Bandcamp, YouTube and Spotify.

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