Introducing: Buffalo Go!

As far as energetic pop-punk goes, Bournemouth’s Buffalo Go! tick all the boxes. Engaging vocals and relatable lyrics are fused with driving drums and fun punky riffs in a sound the band have coined “slightly heavy modern pop-punk.”

The band’s roots were formed when guitarist and vocalist Martyn Combstock met fellow guitarist Hayden Harris on Join My Band and founded a previous band, then met lead vocalist Dave Gentry and drummer George Grey and soon added bassist Lawrence Rees. As Martyn tells us: “I’ve always been into music, I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 and really wanted to try and move forward and play in a live environment.”

That has culminated in last month’s release of Buffalo Go!’s debut EP Cave In, which is packed with energetic pop-punk goodness.

It kicks off with the angsty, singalong Caught Up, which opens up with relentless vocals, then dives down into a smash of punky chords and big rolling drums that you can’t help but bang your head along to. Check it out in the video below:

Fight Milk opens up with punky guitar chords, a mini guitar riff then a fast-paced opening verse. That flows into a really catchy, raw chorus led the lyrics: “I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, But some days I just can’t seem to quit it, All in all it ends the same, Cold, dehydrated, no way to call home, Bad ideas and good intentions.” A rocky burst of chords follows, then a punky solo before a final blast of the chorus.

Light Patrol takes the heaviness up a notch with an energetic intro of fast-paced riffs then an opening verse of multiple vocals and riffs driven forward by wild drums. Another engaging chorus of the singalong vocals: “Where did my motivation go? I haven’t seen it in three years you know, And it gets me down how I’m always treading shallow water, ‘Cos I’m far too comfortable with my life to get excited anymore, So sit back relax and prepare yourself for mediocrity” is followed y a really cool punky riff to bridge into the second verse. The song ends with repeats of the last two lines of the chorus then signs out with a couple of cries of “And I can’t relate to Taylor Swift songs anymore.”

The feel good pop-punk sound continues in Mantis with a fun punky riff supported by driving drums and the repeated singalong lyrics: “It only takes a bad day to undo everything, I’m not making any progress, I’m idling along,” followed by another fun punky riff with more pounding drums driving it forward.

The EP rounds off in typically energetic fashion with the lively, punky Just Call Me Circuit Breaker. A high-pitched guitar lick feeds into a lively opening verse of fast-paced vocals, wild guitars and driving drums. The engaging vocals are typified by the lines: “We’re here to stay until closing call, I can’t believe I remembered it all, When we go out we go hard or we just go home.” A cool punky guitar riff-off is followed by a brief pause for breath before building in intensity, with huge layers of guitars and vocals supported by relentless pounding drums, before ending on two repeating vocal parts.

On the EP, Martyn explains: “We’re really happy to finally be able to share the EP with everyone. We’ve been playing all the songs live in our set for a while now, so it’s nice to hear a properly recorded version of them.”

And in terms of musical influences he adds: “For me, Four Year Strong and The Wonder Years. I find most of the time it’s either one or the other stuck on repeat. I also take some influence from some heavier bands such as Periphery, though that’s a much smaller influence in comparison.

“Most of the lyrical inspiration comes from our daily lives. Light Patrol especially is about a time in my live where I was mentally worn out from my job, realising that my life had degraded into a routine which I wasn’t happy with.”

If pop-punk with a bit of attitude is your bag, then Buffalo Go! are going to be a band you’ll love. They’re full of energy and catchy tracks with big riffs and headbanging-inducing wild drumming thrown in for good measure. Martyn adds: “Just want to thank our fans for the amazing support and feedback we’ve recently received for our EP and live shows, it’s cliche but it really means everything to us!”

Cave In is out now on Bandcamp and Spotify. And you can follow Buffalo Go! on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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