Idolising Nova release new single ‘Don’t Blame Me’

Coming up to a year ago we introduced you to the delicious sound of Peterborough trio Idolising Nova, and the guys are back with excellent new single Don’t Blame Me.

We caught up with vocalist and bassist Jack Fulton-Smith, who gave us the lowdown on the new track. Jack said: “People can expect a big pop song – it’s got catchy verses, a catchy pre-chorus and a big chorus! It’s been fun playing this song live over the summer, so it’s great that it’s now out there for people to listen to.

Don’t Blame Me is about a shitty past experience with someone who was never satisfied or happy. The track just sums up that whatever you do for some people, it’s just never good enough and they always want more.”

Don’t Blame Me opens with a funky laid-back riff that continues through a chilled opening verse, then builds through a slightly heavier pre-chorus with the vocals “I know the game we play, I just don’t know the score, I promised you the world, But you’d still want more” summarising the theme Jack explained above, then gets bigger through a catchy singalong chorus. The trademark Idolising Nova in there abundance, with their big singalong vocals supported by laid-back guitar riffs and rocky drums.

The band have had a busy summer, including festivals, headliners and a special broadcast event. Jack explained: “We had a great summer and played some awesome festivals and shows! We were due to play the Sunday at Y Not Festival which ended up getting cancelled, which sucked.

“We played our first headline London show which was insane – we played the 2nd room at 229 The Venue and it was packed! Seeing so many people singing and dancing along to our tracks was just mental.

“We were also invited to play a show at The BBC Club (at the Broadcasting House) exclusive to BBC staff, which was fun.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band too, as Jack explains: “We’re currently writing and recording more new music, so everyone can expect to hear some more new stuff from us very soon! We’re taking a little break from live shows just so we can work on making our set bigger and better – we always aim to have people leaving a gig feeling like we put on a show, rather than just simply played our songs, so we’re working on making everything bigger at the moment.”

Having said that, you can see Idolising Nova supporting This Feeling at The Monarch in Camden on Thursday (19 October) then supporting Noga Erez at Esquires in Bedford next Sunday (29 October).

Don’t Blame Me is out now, and available on Spotify and iTunes. You can follow Idolising Nova on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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