Introducing: Kill The Ideal

Lincolnshire rockers Kill The Ideal have honed a hugely engaging sound that packs a rocky punch, while mastering the art of crafting instantly intoxicating riffs and singalong, relatable vocals. The band have spent the last two years pouring all their efforts into their second, self-titled, EP, and the result makes the hard work more than worthwhile.

The trio of Ash Wilson (guitar / vocals), Luke Farmer (bass) and Jordan Bell (drums) met at a local music college and used music as a way to vent their frustrations. The impressive result is a hard-hitting, powerful sound that, in their words, combines “an array of reverberating echoes, powerful choruses and more hooks than Peter Pan.”

We caught up with the band ahead of this week’s release of Kill The Ideal. They told us: “We have never been so proud about a project (as we are with) this one, literally blood sweat and tears have gone into it. Our fans expect an energetic sound, but we have gone the extra mile to capture as much attitude, grit, frosting the cinematic anthemic aura with an incendiary backdrop that hopefully strikes a chord in everyone’s hearts.

“The EP is a statement about today’s culture, we live in a millennial society and bullying has become a day to day normality on social media. Ash was bullied badly as a child and experienced illness in his later years and understands the struggle people are experiencing and feel their voice isn’t heard. We are their voice and understand their struggle and hope they can find strength in our music.

“We have always wanted to be in a band, but we want more, we want to make a positive change in the scene by being a role-model for people who are in the position we were in. When we get to see our fans reactions it makes the hard work worthwhile.”


The EP kicks off with a big riffy intro to opening track Dangerous!, followed by an opening verse of chunky guitar riffs then a singalong chorus followed by more punchy riffs. The intensity builds into almost screamed vocals through the second verse followed by another fun chorus, which is followed by a funky little guitar riff. The pace drops down with repeats of “Well have you heard” then a cry of “I’m dangerous” before a final rendition of the catchy chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Another cool riff opens up the ridiculously catchy second track Crazy, followed by a fun opening verse of vocals with sporadic bursts of guitar. It builds into a big singalong chorus of “Don’t you call me crazy, You’re crazier than me, Everybody’s waiting, Waiting for the crazy to begin.” The second verse sees the heaviness build with bigger vocals, then drops down to just vocals and palm-muted guitars in the pre-chorus before bursting into another catchy chorus. A catchy (I keep using that word, but it really is) section of “wohh” vocals follows, a pause for breath, then a final blast of the chorus followed by a big smash of guitar under big vocals. Check it out in the cool lyric video below:

More fun riffs and big cymbals open up My Life, then drops down into a chilled opening verse that explodes into a chorus dominated by Ash’s powerful vocals: “It’s my life, It’s my dream, It’s my belief, Don’t you torture me.” A musical interlude of big guitars follows a second chorus, then there’s a brief pause before launching into a final hit of the chorus. This track is slower than the opening two, but equally powerful and rounds out with a big hit of guitar chords.

Spotlight begins slowly but explodes into life with a big smash of guitar chords. That flows into singalong vocals supported by big guitar chords, followed by yet another effortlessly catchy chorus you can’t help but sing along with.

A big guitar riff opens up Indecisive, then a verse of vocals supported by palm-muted guitar chords then a really cool section of repeats of “Why did you take it, you know I want it?” That precedes a big shouty chorus of “Underneath the point it’s the point of no return, You can scream and shout but you were never there,” which leads into more cries of “Why did you take it, you know I want it?” Then a change of mind as Ash sings “You can take it, I don’t want it no more, You can have it, ‘Cos I am indecisive.” A fun hard-hitting guitar riff follows, then drops down into low vocals dominated by pounding drums as it builds towards a final hit of the chorus.

Having delivered all that good rocky goodness, Kill The Ideal go and leave the best for last in final track Know Your Name. A lingering guitar riff opens up and continues in support of Ash’s drawn out vocals in a building opening verse that ends on the lyrics “But it feels like a lovely day, And it’s such a crime to know your name” followed by high-pitched repeats of “Know your name” then “Everybody wants to know your name.” A big smash of guitars lays the foundations for a heavier, more intense second verse followed by high-pitched guitar licks over driving low-tuned rolling chords. The pace drops suddenly with repeats of “Know your name.”

Kill The Ideal are a figurehead for the re-birth of the music scene in and around Lincolnshire. Venue difficulties had made it increasingly difficult for emerging bands to get gigs in the area, but the scene is beginning to develop again – which can only be helped by the impressive force of this Boston three-piece.

The band told us: “A number of local venues closing has left it hard for young bands to get gigs and play their music to the public. In the last year though it’s actually picked up and a scene has started to develop which is really refreshing!

“We’ve actually gone about it ourselves to set up our own shows at venues people wouldn’t usually think of as a rock venue and this has been really rewarding! Especially to see our recent home-town show sell out. With additions like 2Q festival coming to town and the continuous support from BBC introducing there’s been a lot of spotlight on the place and bands are playing shows more and more!”

Kill The Ideal have plenty coming up too, with an EP release show in their hometown on 31 October and playing at 2Q Festival alongside the likes of Arcane Roots, The Xcerts and Pulled Apart By Horses next weekend. They also tell us they have lots more songs recorded so there’ll be plenty of momentum from this exciting new band.

The band tell us: “We hope you stay on board with us! We feel like we have a lot to share with you all and this is just the start. Listen to a track and if you like it come to a show and lets chat! We hope to see as many people on the road as possible and make many friends along the way.”

So give them a go, you can listen to the new EP via various formats here. You can follow Kill The Ideal on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out all their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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