Single Review: Rise Above – Up

Last month we introduced you to rising Norwegian hardcore punk band Rise Above, and today the five-piece are back with their latest single Up. The track is yet another reminder of the band’s awesome punk sound and frenetic levels of intoxicating energy.

Up opens with a reverby sounds alongside a low guitar riff which soon feeds into a fast-paced rolling riff supported by driving drums that you can’t help but bounce along to. Frontman Thomas Lindstrøm’s trademark strained, almost shouty, vocals come in supported by the rolling riff, then palm-muted guitars build the tension before a really cool pre-chorus section.

That’s followed by a big singalong chorus of layered vocals “You’re fighting fire and I can’t tell if your mind is gone, What will it take to burn the walls that took control” that are broken up by the shouted lyrics “Protectors of salvation.” Spoken / shouted vocals and guitar noise follow the chorus, then a big wild, throat-wrenching scream of “And we are stuck on a downwards climb” from Lindstrøm is greeted by huge booming guitar chords that feed into a fast-paced guitar solo. A second, and final, rendition of the singalong chorus swiftly follows to bring this quick punk romp to an end.

It’s fast and furious, and we absolutely love it. You can listen to it at the link below:

Up is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify, and you can follow Rise Above on Facebook and Instagram.

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