New Band of the Week: Tomorrow Is Lost

Every now and again a brand new band pops up and has you instantly hooked. That’s exactly the case with Newcastle rockers Tomorrow Is Lost, who have honed an intoxicating sound led by the powerful vocals of frontwoman Cass King supported by a big hard rock sound.

The five-piece only completed their lineup a few months ago, but have just released their debut single, have two more upcoming and are planning for a debut album being out in the next 12 months. They began life born out of the ashes of vocalist Cass King and guitarist guitarist Joe McDermott’s former band, then recruited bassist and vocalist Adam Clements and drummer Andrew Taylor in January, with guitarist Ryan O’Hara completing the lineup in July.

Just one month after forming as a four-piece they played their first gig in the grand settings of the O2 Academy in Newcastle, on which they told us: “This was such a huge opportunity for us and an absolutely incredible night all round. We’re so grateful to the guys from Inglorious and Wayward Sons for letting us share the stage with them, and also to their wonderful fans who gave us an amazingly warm and raucous welcome. We couldn’t have asked for anything more! It’s been a crazy start for sure – but the best is definitely yet to come.”

They’re not wrong that there’s plenty to come from Tomorrow Is Lost. The band released their debut single Insane on Saturday, which is the first of three ‘Shadowman Singles’ that will be released between now and Spring 2018.

And Insane is a great introduction. It begins with slowly, with drawn-out guitar noise and lingering bass, with Cass’ relaxed vocals coming in over the top then increasing in intensity with a couple of cries of “They tell me I’m insane.” The intensity continues with big vocals through the second verse and leads straight into another huge singalong chorus, followed by a winding guitar solo. That flows into another verse of powerful vocals starting “I try to face the facts, That there’s no, no coming back, From all the things I have done,” before ending on a smash of huge vocals and guitars.

Check it out in their debut music video below:

On Insane, they told us: “We’ve been working flat out behind the scenes for what feels like forever in the run up to the release. We’ve had such an awesome time every step of the way but we just can’t wait to get it out there for everyone to hear now!”

Our previous introduction to Tomorrow Is Lost was through a pretty awesome cover of Sia’s Elastic Heart. You can check that out in the video below:

The band’s sound is raw and powerful, fuelled by Cass’ incredible vocals, with influences ranging from Iron Maiden, KISS and Guns’n’Roses to The Smiths, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits and My Chemical Romance. They describe their merged sound as: “It is an Iron Maideny, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, Pretty Reckless sorta mixiblob of hard rock goodness with a splurge of Alter Bridge goodness for extra spice.”

And in terms of what inspires their music the band tell us: “Ideas seem to flow pretty naturally and depend very much on how we’re feeling on any particular day…and with Cass that tends to change on a near hourly basis so it’s always a bit of a mixed bag! Insane is a particularly interesting song as it gave birth to a much wider concept for the band.”

The next 12 months is looking busy, with two more Shadowman Singles upcoming followed by a debut album expected to be released in late 2018. As the band tell us: “It’s an incredibly exciting time and we are enjoying every single part of it! We’ve got some awesome gigs lined up which will see us travelling to all corners of the country!”

Indeed, you can see Tomorrow Is Lost in person tonight (30 October) at Think Tank in Newcastle, supporting the City of Ashes and The Dead XIII tour we attended last week, and at The Queen Vic in South Shields on Sunday (5 November). For all their upcoming gigs check out their Facebook page.

Insane is out now, and you can check it out on Spotify and YouTube. You can follow Tomorrow Is Lost on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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