New Band of the Week: Tenements

If you ever find yourself craving a return to the glory days of early 2000s post-hardcore then Glasgow’s Tenements are the band to fill that particular void in your life.

The quintet of Darren Coles (vocals), Chris Bennett (guitar and vocals), Callum Nicolson (guitar), Malcolm Robb (bass) and Jamie Whiteside (drums and vocals) combine moments of melody perfectly contrasted against big screamed vocals drawing collective influence from the likes of Alexisonfire, Underoath, Funeral For A Friend and Killswitch Engage.

We chatted to Darren to find out more, and firstly asked him about the band’s background: “Tenements sort of came out of the ashes of my old band Picnic Basket Nosedive. They decided that they no longer felt honest in the pop-punk they were writing and wanted to try something more honest and experimental. Through mutual agreement everyone parted ways but I wanted to keep it alive. Through friends, associates and former colleagues we found our lineup and have become a tight knit group of friends through it. A blessing.”

Luckily for us this saw Tenements born, and the band has just released its second single Standing on the Backs of Angels, which they tell us is for everyone who has experienced some form of toxicity, whether it be from a friendship, relationship or belief and feels like enough is enough.

The track opens up with reverby sounds with flickers of light drums then huge drum rolls and guitar noise with big basslines, then a cool fast-paced guitar riff that feeds into a big shouty opening verse. Shouted vocals are answered by clean vocals, with more great riffs in the background, before diving into a big singalong chorus: “Pass the blame until you’ve learnt your lesson, Standing on the backs of angels, Won’t help you get to Heaven.”

Then a repeated call of “All heart, no vision” ends in a big scream that feeds into another shouty, energetic verse that ends on a huge smashout of massive metal noise, before a repeat of the catchy chorus. More calls of “All heart, no vision” are followed by a fun, slow guitar solo that drops down briefly, then speeds into one final repeat of the chorus.

It’s big and it’s heavy but it’s also catchy, melodic and packed full of big energetic riffs and booming drums that you can’t help but bang your head along to. Check it out on Spotify here.

Darren told us: “We are honestly so proud of this song. It’s the first time we’ve brought together something that can define us as a whole. Excellent riffing, disgusting breakdowns, and a chorus catchier than herpes!

“A big thing we write about is mental wellbeing. We try to keep the discussion of mental health open through our music. Through our collective inspirations and influences we like to see how far we can take every aspect and as long as we enjoy it, we’ll put it out. At the end of the day, if we’re not enjoying the material we’re putting out, what’s the point?”

Tenements – who tell us they’re all massive wrestling fans with the exception of Callum, so their main goal is to get him obsessed by the end of 2018 – are currently focusing on finishing their debut EP and will be on tour next year, so keep an eye out for them playing shows near you soon.

You can follow Tenements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out their music on BandcampiTunes and Spotify.

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