Introducing: The Lunar Effect

The human race has long been obsessed with the movement of the Moon, a focus more commonly referred to as the lunar effect. From beliefs regarding the Moon’s relationship with fertility – due to the lunar cycle and the human menstrual cycle both averaging 28 days – to the Moon affecting birth rates and various random strands of human behaviour, the Earth’s only permanent natural satellite has long been a source of old wives’ tales in its’ inhabitants culture. (if this fascinates you, head over to Wikipedia)

But now there’s an exciting new link between humans and the Moon that blows those old wives’ skirts off. London-based psychedelic meets desert rock meets stoner rockers The Lunar Effect are a wonderful exponent of the beautiful ingredients of rock, fuzz and big-assed riffs.

The band was initially formed by guitarist Jon Jefford, who recruited his brother Dan on drums and they played a few gigs with other local musicians. Friend of a friend Brett Halsey joined on bass then Josh Gosling answered an advert for a vocalist around a year ago, and the current line-up clicked instantly.

As the band explain: “We are not unique, we are just rare. A band that writes and plays good music is pretty hard to find. We define ourselves by just being ourselves. You have to like the music you put out, if you aren’t sure about it, why would anyone else be.”

They’re now in the process of finishing off their first full length album in the hope of getting it released before Christmas, and which the band tell us “is exciting as we think it’s the best thing we have ever done.” You can see one of those new songs Weaver in the video below:

Josh’s vocals are distinctly Ozzy Osbourne-esque which, coupled with big chunky riffs and huge guitar solos, create a deliciously celestial sound that takes your minds and ears to the 70s greats like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

That sound is perfected in debut EP Strange Lands, which was released earlier this year. Just check out the awesome intro, hugely engaging vocals and awesome guitar solos on Jack & Jill and the dirty desert rock riff on Molecular Curiosity to get an idea of what The Lunar Effect are all about. Check them out via the EP below:

In terms of what inspires their music, it’s quite simple: “We just write about what we know, what we think or what we want to say. Everything influences us to write music, it’s just something that is within you. We sit around in the studio, everyone brings their ideas with them, we try them, some work some don’t. There is no real plan, stuff just happens. There is no place for hurt feelings, if something is good, we tell each other and if something is bad we tell each other as well.

“Primarily we just want to make music we are proud of. No one can take that away from you. If you can put something good out there, it will still be around long after we’re gone. Obviously if you can make a living from doing that then it’s a bonus.”

We also discussed the challenges for modern rock bands with them, on which the band tell us: “Establishing the band in an over-saturated market full of chancers and charlatans. Knowing who to trust and to work with. We were signed briefly once upon a time, but it was only a small label. It didn’t last long – as we said, beware of chancers and charlatans. We are unsigned now.

“The music industry is pretty much just a money making scheme. It is hard to make a living and there are far more people who want to make money out of bands than to help make money for or with them. Things do need to change, we need to see venues and promoters working harder to put on free entry shows, which are well promoted. That would help an over-saturated city such as London. £8 to see a new unsigned band who you have never heard of on a Wednesday night is ridiculous.”

I see their point here, and of course agree more needs to be done to help new bands. Central to that is exposure – where of course free shows would help – but bands also need to be able to make money, which free shows probably doesn’t assist with. We can all agree the industry needs change, and that fundamentally comes down to the fact we need to champion real music, and get out there to support new bands.

The Lunar Effect are currently playing locally in the London area while they finish off the new record and hope to gig further afield in the New Year. Stay tuned for more when their first album arrives.

You can follow The Lunar Effect on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on BandcampSpotify, YouTube.

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