Introducing: Say The Word

Having gigged relentlessly across their home city of Nottingham, Say The Word are bringing their catchy rock meets punk sound to a wider audience with Saturday’s launch of new single Toe The Line.

The band began when Olly Parr (lead vocals and guitar), Louis Hope (guitar and vocals) and James Komarek (drums) discovered they had similar music tastes and musical talent while working for the same company, which James still works for. They rented a rehearsal space and played covers of bands like The Beatles, Foo Fighters and Blink-182 before deciding they wanted to take things further and write their own music. Louis got in touch with his old schoolmate Luke Walton (bass and vocals) and the full line-up was born.

The single is their first under independent label Sound-Hub Records, which the band tell us is their next step towards bigger things: “At first we’d taken a more relaxed approach to our music, recording three separate singles on three different occasions at BSV studios in Nottingham, which is sadly closing down now. After releasing them with no real game plan, we thought we’d get into contact with Sound-Hub. A little further afield but not too bad.

“So we headed over for what they called a Showcase, which was essentially an audition for them (them being Barrington and Tom, the guys who run the place) and after they took notes and listened to a live, 30 minute set, they liked our stuff and were happy to work with us. We had a great weekend working on recording three new tracks, including Toe the Line, and were blown away by the professionalism.”

That comes across on Toe The Line, which opens up with a cool little guitar riff, bursts of guitar and drums, then heavier rocky support of the same riff. An opening verse of punky, angsty vocals follows with huge cymbal support, then big cried vocals of “Out” countered by vocals from guitarist Louis Hope. That flows into a big punky chorus of “You know that I can’t be on my own, No sense of direction and I don’t know where to go, Can you tell me how it feels to know you’re everything you ever could be, ‘Cos I don’t think I’m getting out alive, So sick of hearing that I’ve got to toe the line” around a fun guitar riff, then ends in a heavier hit of guitars.

A singalong verse with cool building guitars and big drums flows into another punky chorus, followed by echoes of “Toe the line” over chugging guitar riffs and drum rolls. Then repeats of Olly’s “Keep a civil tongue in that head when you talk to me” are followed by Louis’ “So sick of hearing I’ve gotta toe the line” flow into a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

The band describe the single as: “Heavy riffs, thumping rhythm and high energy, with lyrics that you can relate to,” while describing their sound in general as “riffy, melodic and punchy.”

They draw musical inspiration form the likes of Jimmy Eat World, A Day To Remember and Deaf Havana and, in Olly’s case, Bruce Springsteen. But in terms of how they define their own approach, they tell us: “It’s kind of pop-punk meets alt-rock. You may very well hear a riffy breakdown and guitar solo in the same song! We tend to write quite emo lyrics but they’re sung with upbeat melodies, so there is contrast in that sense but one we think works quite well. You’ll have listen to our new track and decide for yourselves!”

Say The Word plan on writing and recording an EP that should be released next year, which will combine older melodies and lyrics with some new ideas.

Toe The Line is out on Saturday (18 November). You can follow Say The Word on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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