Album Review: Verity White – Breaking Out

When we caught up with Verity White around the launch of her single I Don’t Care back in August, the diverse singer promised us a rock album by the end of the year and this week she has duly delivered on it.

The Cheltenham-based singer’s promised album Breaking Out was created with the help of a successful Kickstarter project that has so far raised £1,381 which, on this evidence, has been spent wisely.

The album opens with title track Breaking Out, which opens up with a mini drum roll and a looping guitar that continue through a sultry opening verse and kicks into life in a heavier chorus with livelier vocals supported by heavier guitar bursts. Layered vocals add depth to the second verse and the trick is repeated in the second chorus, which works really nicely. The pace drops down with piano bursts supporting vocals that gradually build in intensity and lead into the opening riff then a final verse and chorus.

Next up Zeroes and Ones opens with drawn out synth noises that are joined by a cool rock drum beat and delicious laid-back vocals, then the pace picks up with guitar chords supporting catchy chorus vocals. The second chorus extends with the vocals “You don’t have to worry ‘cos I’m going to move on, I know that I’m better on my own, The darkest of nights when I’m missing you quietly, I’m thinking of all the things you’ve down” repeated in a more rocky fashion. A funky little breakout follows with hanging synth noises and a looping guitar over repeats of “take your place in history,” then gives way to awesome layered high-pitched vocals over a low guitar riff and leading into a final chorus. This track alone shows off the hugely enjoyable diversity in Verity’s voice.

A big synth sound then introduces Demons In Your Head, with slow stabby vocals building an eerie suspense alongside all manner of synth noises then diving into a fast-paced rocky chorus. The synth returns through a more upbeat second chorus driven forward by cymbal taps, then the synth build-up into another chorus.

That’s followed by the album’s first single, the rocky, angsty I Don’t Care, which opens with drums and guitar reverb then jumps into a catchy opening verse with the lyrics “There’s a party on the street, I’m going out tonight,” which sets the tone for the track. The pre-chorus sees the track drop down a little with the awesome lyric “Pour me a drink, make it Snackbite and black” and building drums lead into a chorus of “Gonna drink ’til I can’t remember my name, Gonna drink til I can’t be the one to blame,” with backing vocals “Gonna drink yeah” then concludes with the simple line “I don’t care.” This is a really fun track with catchy, singalong vocals and rocky guitars throughout that portrays the rawest elements of Verity’s rock side. Check it out in the fun video below:

See Through is much more laid back and relaxed, with light guitar and stabs of keyboard supporting Verity’s more delicate vocals. Then Face It opens with some cool synthy sounds and high-pitched vocals then drops into a big rocky chorus that give way to some impressive high vocals. The second chorus is followed by a funky synth line under looping vocals then huge high vocals that give way to a big rocky ending.

Another cool synthy intro opens up Exhale, followed by drawn out high vocals over a cool guitar riff then bursting swoops of violins give way to a more powerful hit of guitars and more intense vocals. Cool cries of “exhale” under repeating guitar chords drop briefly into a pause for breath before another smash of rockiness that ends on more repeats of “exhale.” Almost operatically high vocals follow in a cool laid-back bridge that gives way to big rocky powerful vocals: “You’re stronger than you think, And my how have you have grown, Let’s take a breath and dive, Into the deep unknown” followed by rockier repeats of “exhale.” That returns in a big rocky outro, with quiet, breathy vocals of “exhale” adding an interesting depth to it.

The rockiness continues in Your Darkest Secret, which opens with a rolling guitar riff and driving drums that build to a fun singalong chorus of: “I know your darkest secret, It tears away at your soul, I’m hoping you can’t see so don’t let down your guard, I must go inside you” then cool repeats of “yeah” over a bass line. The creeping guitar riff returns through the second verse, which leads straight into another chorus, which is repeated with increasingly intense vocals throughout the track.

Penultimate track Slow Fall opens with a verse that intriguingly plays the vocal melody off against a keyboard riff and a rolling guitar lick. The vocal line is ploddily enjoyable alongside the stabbing keyboards, especially the lines “So I built a wall around me, It was more a prison you see, Every hurdle bricks and mortar, Now I know ya and I’m gonna.” The pace picks up with more drawn out, higher pitched vocals as the track winds to an end.

Final track Overcome opens up with a distorted rolling guitar riff and feint echoey wails, then drops into a more relaxed opening verse. A high pitched “Close your eyes” leads into a rocky verse with gruff vocals “Let the feeling overcome you, Delving right in to the core, Changing all of your perception, As you ask again for more” then big high-pitched vocals “Why can’t I feel this way, It takes away my pain, Why can’t I feel this way without you” over big guitar chords and driving drums. A big second chorus ends with everything dropping out bar a building guitar chord that gives way to a big outro with loads of powerful vocals.

Breaking Out sees Verity deliver a really solid rock album packed with fun riffs and melodies, all supporting her impressive range of vocals that master powerful rocky hits and contrasting high-pitched delicacy.

In Verity’s words: “The album is very much rock biased. It’s really a memoir of my recovering from self-destruction and the long winding journey through mental-health issues. But it’s hidden in the lyrics and put across with passion, energy and power!”

You can see Verity perform the tracks for yourself as she goes out on her Breaking Out tour in the New Year. It begins at Castle Hotel in Manchester on 11 January, followed by Fiddlers Elbow in London on 12 January, Gwidhw Café Bar in Cardiff on 14 January and Mr Wolfs in Bristol on 18 January. More info and tickets are available here.

You can follow Verity White on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, support her on Kickstarter and Patreon, and listen to her music on Spotify and YouTube.

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