Single Review: Chapter and Verse – Magazines

East London rockers Chapter and Verse may have kept us waiting on new music for a while, but it has been well worth it for the release of brand new single Magazines.

The launch gives us our first taste of fresh Chapter and Verse goodness since their fantastic The Wolves Back Home EP last year, which we featured when we made them our New Band of the Week back in January.

The song presents a more defined, diverse edge to Chapter and Verse, which comes across in their brilliant live shows and was hinted at on the debut EP – especially on the delicious Electric Tongues. It packages hard-hitting rock alongside moments of calm and intense suspense, which are smashed open by big riffs and pounding drums – all brilliantly complementing frontman Josh Carter’s trademark vocals.

Magazines opens up with drum rolls, reverby noise then a big rolling guitar riff before Josh’s edgy vocals kick in over the top. The instruments suddenly drop out and Josh shouts out “I am the man I am because of those I’m scared of losing,” then there’s a huge blast of rocky guitars and driving drums that lead into a big singalong chorus, which ends on the rolling guitar riff.

A heavier second verse follows, with cool repeated guitars that lead into another singalong chorus, extended with the vocals: “I bought magazines to help you believe there’s a life outside of this.” It then slows right down again with cool layered vocals and feint, atmospheric repeats of “Why’d you lie to me?” in the background, then suddenly intensifies led by huge drums from Ash Morton. A brief pause then sees an explosion of rocky goodness over a big held vocal, then huge riffs from Darren Gosling lead us into a powerful final chorus, followed by more big guitars to bring it to a brilliant heavy finale.

Check it out for yourself in the stream below:

Magazines is the first taster of some exciting developments coming from the band in 2018, with another EP coming our way early in the new year.

We had a chat with Josh to find out more, and he told us: “People can expect a more defined version of Chapter and Verse but with all the same raw emotion. In my eyes this is the real ‘beginning’ of the band – it’s the first time we’ve released something that to me feels like an actual band as opposed to a bunch of guys trying to figure out what kind of sound they want. We’re super proud of it.

“With the new EP we played with dynamics and nuance a LOT. We’d like to think that it all feels distinctly ‘Chapter and Verse,’ but you definitely won’t be getting Magazines re-written 5 times in a row. That’s all you’re getting for now…”

Mazagines is out now, and you can get hold of it on all platforms here. You can follow Chapter and Verse on FacebookTwitter and YouTube, buy their debut EP here and listen to on Spotify.

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