New Band of the Week: Weekend Recovery

If fast-paced, angsty punk-fuelled rock is your bag, then you’re going to love the raw, rocking sound of Kent’s Weekend Recovery.

The band perfectly crosses the border of punk and rock, with frontwoman Lori’s engaging vocals supported by energetic guitar riffs, big driving drums and more than an ample dose of solos from lead guitarist Owen.

Indeed, drummer Marcus tells us: “I would describe us as a unique, energetic punk / rock band with many different styles. There are too many bands that sound the same so with all of our songs we try and make them unique. We are greatly influenced by a mixture of different bands but we aim to create our own sounds. Most of our songs are pretty fast paced especially in the upcoming album which we are excited to share with the fans.”

That fast-paced focus is prevalent in new single Why You Don’t Love Me, which is released on Thursday (30 November). It opens up with a big smash of punky chords and driving drums that continue over angsty vocals thatend in repeats of “I don’t care” that flow into a chorus of “Why don’t you love me, are you too good? Why you don’t love me, Are you too good for me?” It quickly jumps into a second verse that includes the line “And you think your shit don’t stink.” The second chorus ends with repeats of “Over and over, and over and over and over” that increase in intensity then dive straight into another chorus, followed by a fast-paced guitar solo, which flows into a final chorus.

On the new single, Lori tells us: “It’s fast-paced, energetic, with a punky Oasis feel about it, pairing an underlining desperation with an overview of playfulness.” You can check it out in the stream below:

One of my favourite tracks from them so far is New Tattoo, shows another side to the band, opening with light guitars and drums alongside the relaxed vocals “Momma, I gone and done it again, I let my heart mend and now it’s on the floor, Momma, You said big girls don’t cry and they do, I got first-hand proof.” The guitars and drums pick up as Lori launches into bigger vocals of “Momma, I got a new tattoo, And I’m sorry but you won’t approve.” It’s slower and less punky, but the contrast in vocals between the laid back and relaxed to big and powerful is superb and the lyrics are really fun, as is the big screechy solo that leads into a final chorus.

On that track, Lori says: “My mum NEVER approves of my tattoos! The song for me is about a relationship that didn’t go so well – about someone getting under your skin (like a tattoo) But again, it could be for some people about a tattoo or a decision even that your mum doesn’t approve of – that’s the beauty of songs, it’s subjective.”

But the punky edge is what gets us really excited about Weekend Recovery, which is particularly the case with the hugely enjoyable Don’t Try And Stop Me. It opens with punky guitars and spoken vocals that jump into a fun opening verse led by Lori’s engaging vocal delivery, then a relaxed pre-chorus of “Do you know that I don’t take kindly to you, And you know that I won’t wait around for you” explodes into a fast-paced chorus of “Don’t try and stop me I’m out of control.” A fun guitar solo follows before a big shouty, energetic final chorus brings it to an end. Check it out in the cool video (which has flashing lights) below:

In terms of what gets them writing, Lori tells us: “I guess it varies depending on what’s happening in life at the time, I try to stay relevant and relatable as I think that’s really important. In my opinion when you write something that is super personal, although often beautiful, it makes it difficult for people to relate and then grab their hearts, which I think makes the perfect song.

“Sometimes I hear a song on the radio or on Spotify and it just inspires me to write, like it sparks something. I try to write songs that are a little bit more than two dimensional that has like a hidden meaning, because then it keeps people guessing and interested. I like people to take away what THEY want from a song. Rather than being like ‘this song is about the time I felt lonely,’ let THEM decide what they want to take away from it.”

The band refer to their homeland of Kent as a ‘growing rock scene,’ so we asked Lori for her thoughts on their local scene. She told us: “I think it’s getting there slowly but surely. Obviously we’ve had the big break through bands Slaves, Moose Blood and Feed the Rhino, but there are certainly a lot of up and comers – Broken Hands, Get Inuit and Salvation Jayne to name a few. There are also a lot of ‘local hero’ bands as I like to call them who are comfortable in their own pond, which is a real shame because there are a LOT of hidden gems – and if they just plucked up the courage to take on the world they probably would! I think being so close to London there really is no excuse – it’s just being brave enough to (maybe) fail and then picking yourself up and trying again!”

The band is just finishing up their current tour, with a gig at Poco Loco in Chatham on Saturday (2 December) and the all-dayer Gig For MIND at London’s New Cross Inn on Sunday (3 December). They’re also mid-way through writing their first album, which they hope will be ready for February when they kick-off a nationwide tour across the UK. You can check out all their upcoming gigs here.


You can follow Weekend Recovery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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