Introducing: Decrypted

London’s emerging tech metalcore band Decrypted began as a project dreamt up by Polish guitarist Martin Luczynski which, thanks to the power of the Internet, has exploded into a truly international melting pot of metal goodness. Having moved to London he set about using online ads on the likes of Bandmix and Gumtree to form a band.

In his words: “In the early days back in 2013, it was basically just me and Ed (former drummer) jamming in my small East London flat. When you move away from where you were raised, you essentially lose all of your social connections. And with no school friends, family friends or even friends of friends, it was definitely quite the challenge to find musicians that fit the profile; creatively but especially character-wise too. Perhaps that struggle in itself is part of what makes our bond so strong.”

He soon overcame those challenges, adding English lead vocalist Steve Kerr, fellow Pole Rafal Siek on bass, Portuguese guitarist, backing vocalist and programmer Ricardo Alemida and drummer Vincent Labelle to form something pretty special, which they summarise as “vicious, powerful and honest.”

The band is now in the process of creating their debut EP, which is due for release next year. They tell us: “It’s going great! We recorded all the instruments in-house, at Martin’s home studio. We have been extremely committed spending weekends and evenings recording, scrapping, and then recording again. The vocals have been recorded at Flood Gate Studios with the guidance of Meyrick De La Fuente.

“Martin and Ric are currently working on the mix, so not long now until we have the finished product in hand. As far as what people can expect from it… The themes are dark, compelling and real. We laid out our vulnerability to bare, but guard its integrity with passion, honesty and reason. The aim is to leave the listener feeling empowered by releasing our burdens and charging at them in full force.”

Our first taste of this is the brilliantly titled debut single Equinox of Eternal Embers. It begins with a cool blast of technical guitar riffery that feeds into a blitz of big metal vocals in a heavy opening verse, which ends on a cool “bleugh” noise then screamed vocals. That gives way to a singalong metalcore chorus contrasted by big screamed responses, followed by a smash of guitars that feed into another heavy verse. A second chorus is followed by djemty guitar chords and big smashes of cymbals that are soon joined by huge screamed vocals and doomy lingering guitar noises that bring the song to an end. Check it out for yourself in the video below:

On their sound the band explain: “We like to describe it as an explosion of emotion that translates into fast playful riffs and heavy breakdowns combined with engaging vocals that are as grim and aggressive as they are clean and melodic.

“Obviously there has to be a technical method to our writing, but to be blunt we’re all old school ‘metalcore’ fans – we’re literally writing from the heart. We want everything we do to have context and meaning, to place a piece of us in each riff, beat and line. Our inspiration is from everything that builds us up and breaks us down.”

We’re excited to hear more from Decrypted and their debut EP is slated for release next year, while they’re also currently planning their second music video, which should also be out by the Spring.

You can see Decrypted alongside some of our favourite bands at GigRadar Towers, including supporting the awesome Jack The Envious and Defences at The Scream Lounge in Croydon on Saturday (2 December) then supporting InVisions at The Black Heart in Camden next Sunday (10 December) – which is where we will be that night! More info on all their gigs is here.

You can follow Decrypted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.


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