Introducing: InAir

The distinctive sound of Reading rockers InAir leaps effortlessly between full-on rockiness, dynamic quiet moments and electronica – all built around engaging vocals that gives their music an edge they describe as “bold, emotive and passionate.”

The band released second EP A Different Light on Friday, which sees bassist Joe Conneely step up to lead vocals alongside Connor Shortt (drums and vocals) and Aaron Iley (guitars and vocals) and introduces a more synthy feel to their sound – and it’s pretty epic.

The EP builds on last year’s impressive breakthrough three-track record Meant To Be, and the band tell us: “It’s a development on the sound of the single we released last year. The electronic sound is a lot more prominent and the song writing is way more focused with the production bringing out the ideas / themes to a greater extent.”

It begins with synth ridden vocals in the intro to Rise Again, which continue over lively guitar chords, then drops down into a relaxed opening verse. It builds up with floaty guitars in the pre-chorus that feeds into a big singalong chorus. The synthiness returns after the second chorus and are played off against huge bursts of guitar, then the instruments drop out with a cry of “Rise again from the ashes that you burn, This is our time to rise again, We will keep on reaching from the sky, We will never stop until we die” to bring the track to an end. Check it out in the video below:

Tonight Is Our Night may well be my favourite track from the album, it’s pretty huge. It begins with a building guitar riff that continues over a big rock out in a huge intro, then drops down into synthy noises that extend through a verse of echoey, atmospheric vocals: “As the sun goes down tonight, The world will see a different light, So close your doors and shut them tight, ‘Cos we have got this voice inside, If our lives would end tonight, We’d set this darkened room alight, We’ll pull the breath inside our lungs,” which builds gradually up to big cries of “Tonight is our night” over big guitar chords and driving drums.

A high-pitched repeating guitar note builds into a big hit of guitars then drops down into another laid-back verse, which again builds into a big chorus that this time has prominent backing vocals. That’s followed by a really cool section of wild vocals supported by bursts of guitars and loads of cymbals, then big cries of “Tonight” that bring the track to an end.

Next up, Insomnia opens up with lingering synth noises then a building drum roll that leads into laid-back guitar chords and a lick then floaty guitars that lead into a relaxed opening verse. Repeats of the line “If dreams were in the sky” builds towards a big atmospheric mix of guitars, drums and synth, then heavier hits of guitar support more powerful vocals. It’s a bit of an epic track at more than six minutes long, but the atmospheric instrumentals over Joe’s engaging vocals make this well worth the listen.

The EP closes in fine fashion with Bound To Break, which starts off with darting synth noises that continue under the laid-back vocals “Before this ends there’s things I’d like to say, And try as I might I can’t fight for you to stay, Now give me one good reason, To believe that there’s a solution, I don’t want our time to find away to grey,” of which the last two words are repeated as drums kick in. Chunky guitar chords kick in as the vocals pick up in intensity then a big synthy riff supports heavy guitar chords as Joe cries “It’s time to break away, break away, break away from this mistake, These times that we have made together were bound to break.” A moment of calm follows, then the big guitar chords and more intense vocals return followed by an extended burst of the synth and guitar that bring it to an end.

This is an excellent EP that showcases the maturing of the InAir sound, with the result being four hugely enjoyable, powerful yet diverse tracks. The trio, who have known each other since meeting at gigs in their school days then forming a band after going off to University, told us: “This EP is generally about being optimistic for the future, maybe something not felt by everyone given the world news. It kinda explores that fact as humans we feel ups and downs, hopefully people will feel a sense of optimism when listening to it.

“Our sound is the polar opposite of us as people. We’re generally very reserved people whereas our sound is loud and bold.”

A Different Light is out now, and available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. The band has just finished a run of EP launch shows, but will be playing Icebreaker festival in Portsmouth early next year with plenty more shows to be announced.

You can follow InAir on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on YouTube and Spotify.

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