New Band of the Week: Miscreant

The pure dark metal heaviness that’s launched upon us in the form of Grantham, Lincolnshire’s Miscreant is truly terrifying, yet utterly brilliant.

The quartet of Harvey Jaffrey (vocals), Craig Massie (guitar), Jake Bilton (bass) and George Topham (drums) have fused an intense sound of huge screamed vocals built around booming guitar riffs and basslines and some absolutely blisteringly hard-hitting drums.

As Harvey, who originally the formed the band with their previous drummer then finalised the current lineup earlier this year, tells us: “We’re all about letting out every inch of emotion that we have in us! We talk about different concepts of fear and every song is a story.

“Miscreant is a driving force of the deepest emotions. Hard hitting riffs with a lot of bounce and impact! Miscreant is something that you just need to experience for yourself. From start to finish we want to be able to make our audience feel what we are and how deep are music goes. This is a driving force! This is Miscreant.”

The latest offering of Miscreant’s brilliant darkness is new single Let Tomorrow Die, which was released last week and gives you an insight into the incredible intensity of the band.

It begins with an ominously creepy intro noise that’s soon smashed into smitherines by a huge bouncing guitar riff and wild opening screamed vocals. That’s followed by the awesome vocals “I’ve let you lead my life for far too long, You’re the cancer in my mind, Your time is up, I wish I could call it luck, I don’t really give a fuck, Hell is calling your name, Even gods fall, This is the end of it all” supported by eerie high-pitched guitars. Intense screams of “Fear! It’s time to flush you out” give way to an almighty smash of huge vocals. Then more haunting high-pitched guitars follow in support of the chorus vocals “I am the one that they die for, I am the power that comes from within, The last tie to the other side, Let Tomorrow die!”

A big metal smash up follows then repeats of “I am so sick of this” lead into a creepy spoken word section. That ends with a brief pause that’s smashed open by a wall of guitars and eerie synth sound supoprting the vocals “You’ll never see what you’ve done to me, You’ll never know how deep I sank, But did you know I almost lost control, Did you know I still loathe you.” The chorus returns then huge cries of “I am hell” alongside huge booming guitars and haunting noises bring this monstrous track to a conclusion. Check it out in the video below:

On the single, Harvey tells us: “It’s a stepping stone for us, this is the song that is bridging people over to the next stage of this band. Let Tomorrow Die tells the story of a more confident but aggressive character. The song is very intense, hard hitting and has a lot more bounce than our previous songs. The atmosphere in the song itself is almost uncomfortable with how eerie it is, but it’s so inviting you can’t help but keep listening! It’s 100% our best song to date and this is only the beginning.”

Possibly my favourite Miscreant song so far is The Family Ruin, the final track from last year’s debut EP Living Death, which opens with a really cool bouncy guitar riff that drops into a hge screamed opening verse supported by wild high-pitched guitars. Massive double bass drum supports more frenzied guitars and vocals then huge low-pitched guitars that you can’t help but love. It ends with a return of the high low-tuned guitars then a cool electric noise effect dives in and brings it to an abrupt end.

The Miscreant intrigue is deepened by their interesting storywriting style. As Harvey explains: “Everything we write about is a conceptual story to do with fear. The first record is a story about a character called Mr M and his struggle with depression and anxiety. I write this all from my own experiences but put it into the perspective of a character so it fits across one story.

“We talk about the struggles of dealing with suicidal thoughts, day to day anxiety, loss and the thoughts at the back of your head no one wants to talk about! It’s very dark and sinister subjects that we dive deep into. But it makes it so much more real and relatable at the end of the day.”

Miscreant will finish writing their next EP for release next year, ahead of which there’ll be a new single and video. You can see them on Thursday night alongside Cabin Boy Jumped Ship at The Met Lounge in Peterborough, tickets here, and on the road next year with some gigs confirmed but not yet announced.

Let Tomorrow Die is out now and available on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube. You can follow Miscreant on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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