Single Review: From Idols To Ashes – Justified

Bristol rockers From Idols To Ashes‘ exciting hard-hitting post-hardcore sound is back with the release of new single Justified.

The track, which in typical FITA style is built around big guitar riffs from Aaron Daniel, builds on the success of this year’s EP Scare Tactics, which we featured when they were our New Band of the Week back in June.

Justified opens up with a big riff that feeds into almost shouted fast-paced vocals by Jay Seward. They’re soon joined by synth (I think) in the background that gives it a rather sinister feeling underneath the vocals of “Backtrack to a time when we were young, Everyone was happy everything was fun, Maybe we were selfish doing things for ourselves, But now you’re gonna tell how you keep the peace a while” – of which the last word is an almost David Dainam from Disturbed-esque scream.

A more melodic section follows, opening with the vocals “Do you set out to cause misery, For the ones that create their own destiny” and ending with a big screamed vocal then heavier guitars. The cool opening riff returns with plenty of background noise, alongside some spoken vocals then almost rapped vocals that end with a mini bass solo that feeds into a cool high-pitched guitar solo. A big smash of riffs comes in along with the screamed vocals, and the track ends on a huge scream.

This is an absolute belter, and you can check it out in the video below:

When we spoke to Jay previously he gave us a bit of insight into the band’s writing style, which particularly rings true on Justified. He told us: “In terms of writing the music behind these lyrics, they all start with one serious riff from Aaron as he likes to give it some rice in his bedroom from time to time. We let him off the lead a lot and the outcome are these fantastic guitar instrumentals that are then further worked on by the band to create the songs we have on the EP today.

“In the future, however, this could change as different members come up with their own ideas. What I’m trying to say is that as we are a creative group, not one song has come from one person alone, everyone has their own input and that’s where our diverse style that we enjoy comes into play.”

Justified is out now on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. And you can follow From Idols To Ashes on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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