Introducing: Black Ink

Christmas Eve it may be but Nottingham metalcore outfit Black Ink are not feeling the festive spirit with the release of their ‘Christmas single’ Lights Out, which was released on Friday (22 December).

What it lacks in hollies and berries, tinsel and sparkle this track more than makes up for in booming metal guitars and raw emotion.

As frontman Sam Barson explains: ”

Expect a lot of emotion, the track explains how it feels to fear hurting the ones around you and feeling your lowest.

Lights Out starts with a slow, methodic guitar loop then blasts into life with a big guitar riff and huge screamed vocals supported by heavy drop-tuned chords. A singalong chorus follows, then a big smash of screamed vocals “I can’t breathe, I can’t take this I can’t breathe, I’m better off dead” supported by palm-muted chords kick off another round of gruff vocals that flow back into another melodic chorus. Then there’s a big metal breakdown followed by spoken vocals of the previously mentioned lyrics that build up to big creamed vocals followed by a final blast of the chorus.

Check it out in the video below:

The band formed out of a previous metalcore act Famous For Nothing, which needed a fresh start and new blood. The result is an energetic, melodic yet crushingly heavy sound of which

Sam tells us: ”

Instrumentally I write music that comes to me. So far we have no similar tracks written, our first single Scars was very melodic and to a certain extent techy, yet the new single Lights Out is very much riff based hardcore / metalcore.

“As a musician I write what comes to mind at the time and just hope the rest of the band enjoy it!

We do this because we love music. If you want to hear songs with a real meaning give us a listen or even better, pop down to a show


The band has two more tracks recorded with Myroslav at Jigsaw Audio, who they tell us is “the glue that stuck all of this together,” and will be booking in new shows and releasnig more videos as we move into the new year. So keep your eyes out for this exciting new band in 2018.

Lights Out is out now, and you can follow Black Ink on Facebook, Twitter

and YouTube.

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