Introducing: Continents

South Wales quintet Contintents are taking the term ‘heavy-hitting’ to the extreme with their new music, which they describe to us as “a blend of chaos and melody thrown at you like a solid right hook.”

Continents began as a project back in 2012 and progressed rapidly to the line-up of Phil Cross (vocals), Darryl Sweet (guitar), Rhys Griffiths (guitar and vocals), Tim Vincent (bass guitar) and Scott Waters (drums). As Rhys explains: “I think for all of us, growing up in such a small but close unit for a music scene in Wales, watching family and friends make a name for themselves doing what they love really made us want to achieve something for ourselves.”

They released latest single Preacher at the end of last year, which Rhys tells us sets the pace for a new EP that’s coming our way early this year. In his words: “Hard-hitting beats with heavy riffs and catchy choruses.”

Preacher kicks off with reverby guitar noise then a smash of screamed vocals that explode into a mass of brutal heavy guitars. A big screamed opening verse follows with pounding drums that continue as big guitar chords join in to form a huge wall of metal brutality. Big chunky, stabbing guitar chords follow, then another burst of screamed vocals, followed by a pause for breath that ends with higher pitched guitar chords and wild screamed vocals. The guitars continue soon joined by high-pitched, haunting backing guitars, then drawn out guitars under a cry of “Preacher” give way to an almighty smash of metal heaviness to bring the track to an end.

This is heavy stuff that bodes well for what’s coming our way with the new record. Check it out in the video below:

The new EP comes in the aftermath of the band leaving Victory Records and going it alone. As Rhys explains: “We came to an agreement where both parties felt it was better for us to part ways, we learned some great lessons there and are definitely using it to our advantage.  No words of warning as such, just be careful on what you are getting yourself into, and go over everything a million times. It’s exciting to be granted – at the time what feels like – a great opportunity, but nine times out of ten there’s some sort of catch.”

The band’s sound is compiled from a wide range of completely different music. Phil loves 90’s garage, Rhys is into blues and 70’s rock, Tim can’t get enough death metal, Darryl has his hip-hop and Scott loves neo-funk and jazz. It’s quite the combination, but somehow they make it work.

And in terms of what gets them writing, Rhys tells us: “Being bored at home is always a great trigger to be productive. Writing riffs or starting a song idea always makes time fly by, and it’s great at keeping the brain active! Hearing music from all genres that makes us tingle with joy is a massive part of our writing process, it makes us want to give that feeling to someone else and ourselves. Whether it’s Fleetwood Mac or Every Time I Die, music in itself is a huge influence to us.”

The band has been busy finishing up the pre-production stages of the new EP fine-tuning it and finalising the songs ready for the studio in early 2018. As Rhys explains: “We will be keeping our online accounts stacked with content for everyone to see what we are up to! We are all very excited to get the new material done and get it out there.”

And you can see the new material for yourself when the band tours with “the absolute dons” The Word Alive next month. More information on that tour is here.

You can follow Continents on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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