New Band of the Week: Circus

They may only have released their debut single last month but we’re really excited by the powerful rock sound of Circus. The deliciously edgy, hard-hitting vocals of singer and rhythm guitarist Olivia Donelon are perfectly complimented by a big rock backdrop to form a ridiculously catchy sound.

The Congleton quartet, completed by lead guitarist Alfie Tarrant, bassist Ethan Jenkins and drummer Xander Greenwood, met at high school and originally formed to play covers of anything from Kings of Leon and T-Rex to Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse.

Thankfully though, they soon upgraded to writing their own music and swiftly headed into the studio. As Alfie explains: “We’re writing new material all the time – sharing ideas and making music is a way to express how we’re feeling. As far our writing process is concerned, all our riffs and ideas usually come from just jamming with each other, but the lyrics definitely come from a deep place and tell a story in all of our songs. We also play covers as well as creating our own compositions of well known songs.

The quartet bring a range of music tastes to the table, from Xander taking inspiration from the likes of Stewart Copeland from The Police and Ginger Baker from Cream, and Ethan’s heavy metal through to Alfie’s education on bands like Pink Floyd, Santana, Led Zeppelin and Stereophonics. The result is a powerful, catchy brand of rock that Alfie sums up as: “Imagine vocals influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Amy Winehouse, backed by a Royal Blood / Highly Suspect (ish) sound.

Our first taste of that is Control, which kicks off with Olivia’s big opening vocals “You’ve got this power over me, Control me, Own me, You got this thing that I can’t see, You control me baby, Oh you own me.” That leads into a blast of guitars and pounding drums then drops into an opening verse of engaging vocals that become increasingly intense as the backing guitars become increasingly powerful, building into a big singalong chorus.

Wandering vocals are supported by big guitars then a couple of blitzes of a guitar solo feed into a final smash of the chorus. It’s powerful, rocky and it’ll be stuck in your head for days. Check it out in the lyric video below:

On the track, Alfie tells us: “Yeah the tracks gone down really well, and it’s great to hear people tell us how much they love the song. A lot of time and effort went into creating the track, so it’s great to have finally released it.

And there’s much more to come, as Alfie tells us: “We’re discussing plans with our producer at the moment in terms of EPs and singles for this year, so hopefully we will be putting plans into action over the coming months. As far as gigs are concerned, you’ll definitely be seeing us around! We would love to be able to get on tour but we will see…”

If you happen to be in Congleton on 2 February then you can see the band for yourself, as they play at Piano & Sports Bar. More info on that is here.


Control is out now, and available on iTunes and Spotify. So give it a listen, because I think you’ll love it.

You can follow Circus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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