Introducing: Kaves – the new band on the airwaves

Earlier this month, it was announced that the 160-year-old Colman’s Mustard factory in Norwich was to be closed down.

Naturally, this was heart-breaking news for any Norwich native. After all, this leaves them with just Alan Partridge (Dan!), Stephen Fry (living legend) and Delia Smith (yawn, football) as their local cultural heroes.

Fortunately, music is here to save the day.

Kaves are a brand-new band hailing from Norwich who are making waves in the local alt-rock scene. Formed in the summer of 2017, Kaves consists of Emily Rudd on vocals, Mia Webster on bass, Tim Frost on guitar and Matt Dove on drums.

Despite their newcomer status, Kaves have already played a sold-out debut show and have had airtime on BBC Introducing Norfolk. And it’s not hard to see why. Their music is catchy as a flu during freshers’ week.

Their debut single 27 is an upbeat track with an infectious pop melody to it. But as bassist Mia Webster explains, it also comes with a strong message of overcoming anxiety in the face of relationship woes and realising one’s own ambitions.

So is it a personal song? Not entirely. Their lyric writing process is a democratised one, with everyone having a chance to bring their own personal experiences into the tracks. Mia elaborates: “We all tend to write our best lyrics about wherever we’re passionate about at the time. That way it’s always totally genuine.”

The band are just about to record their next single, meaning listeners will have to head to their live gigs in order to hear more of their music.

“All of our songs are completely different from each other, so it’s tough to nail down how to describe our sound. 27 is probably one of the most ‘pop’ songs we have, but I like to think our sound has a lot of depth to it. We’re kind of like alternative/dark pop, if that is even a thing,” says Mia.

Alt-dark-pop? Definitely a thing.

While we patiently wait for their next announcement of shows and singles, have a listen to 27 on Soundcloud or Spotify.

Or, give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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