Introducing: Dove House

The phrase “It’s a bit heavier than most of our previous stuff” is linguistic music to our ears here at GigRadar Towers. Which leads us perfectly onto Brighton indie rockers Dove House.

The quartet of Jack Peacock (vocals and guitar), Kieran Philbin (guitar), Ish Hussein (bass and vocals), Steve Ray (drums) met at university and, like all good students, became good friends after discovering their mutual interests in making music and drinking beer.

As Jack explains: “We have been going for a couple of years but we are now really starting to develop our own sound and have a clear direction of what kind of band we want to be. We all grew up listening to the big rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Foo Fighters, Muse, Queens Of The Stone Age, so you can tell we appreciate a good riff.”


Dove House release new single Teeth next month, which is when Jack explains: “It’s a bit heavier than most of our previous stuff as we wanted to create a more direct and raw sound.” It’s also an absolute banger.

The track starts off slowly with atmospheric light guitars and a repeating bassline then echoey vocals that start “Don’t you just despise, Disconnecting eyes” then drums kick in underneath that are the first hint something heavier is coming. And sure enough it explodes into life with high-pitched guitars that hang over a really cool descending bassline and singalong vocals in an energetic chorus.

It then drops into a slightly quicker second verse, followed by a protracted pre-chorus that bursts into another high-energy chorus. Floaty vocals follow, then there’s a guitar solo and more big bass in a big rocky instrumental-led outro that closes on the line “Show me your teeth tonight.”

Jack tells us: “We recently became a four piece so the focus is much more on the guitar parts and a really driving beat and baseline. This song really represents a new start for us so you can definitely expect a more ‘rocky’ direction from this track and our future releases.

“The new sound is Indie Rock that you can sing along to in the car which might cause you to break the speed limit due to its sheer sonic power. Like a kick in the nuts from a radioactive mule but in a good way.”

You can check out Teeth in a promo video below:

And Jack’s explanation of what inspires him to write music is a little different to the norm too. As he tells us: “More recently I’ve been inspired by quite scientific or philosophical themes or even just articles about dead celebrities.

“I used to mainly write from personal experience but I found I could be much more creative and find new and interesting words and language in science and news articles. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a song really streamlined and focused on one subject so discovering a new theme or topic is a great way to keep on track for me.”

Teeth is out on 12 February and will be marked with a single launch show at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton the same evening. They’ve also launched a Pledge crowdfund campaign to fund their debut EP, which they’ll be recording in March.

The band will also be busy with a host of gigs along the south coast over the next few months. All their upcoming gigs are here.

You can follow Dove House on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check out their music on Spotify and YouTube, and support their Pledge campaign here.

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