Introducing: Lost In Madrid

A little Google search on the Parisian neighbourhood of Pigalle led us to discover the area is not only the epicentre of the French capital’s nightlife and its music store central, but also home to its red light district.

One of the coolest things emerging from this once extremely sleazy region of Paris is the down and dirty stoner rockers Lost In Madrid who, despite the name, very much deserve to be found in Paris.

The five-piece began with brothers Bruno (bass) and Fabien Barbazan (drums), who lived in the Pigalle neighbourhood. They were soon joined by Romain Droxler (vocals) – who apparently inspired their band name by getting lost outside the Wurlitzer Ballroom – and Julien Attias (guitar) who run a music shop in the area, and their long-time customer Christophe Cumbo (guitar).

As the band tell us: “We’ve known each other for a very long time and we decided to play together one night and it was natural for us to go on. We all had bands before, toured a lot, but Lost In Madrid is something different. Playing music together is a way for us to have fun and express ourselves with that heavy rock music.”

The band draws influence from classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Neil Young through to 90s grunge, indie and stoner bands like Nirvana and Queens of the Stone Age, honing a sound they describe to us as “loud, punchy and melodic.”

The latest offering of this is Mr Bill, from their debut EP brilliantly entitled 1st E.P., which opens up with a cool little bassline then a slow brooding verse. That builds towards a rocky chorus driven forwards by a cool guitar riff supporting more intense vocals, then ends with a funky chugging repeated low guitar note. The second chorus ends on the same chugging note then a cool blast of high guitar notes offset against chugging chords that bring the track to an end.

It’s cool and laid back while at the same time being funky and rocky. Check it out in the video below:

But probably our favourite thing about this debut EP is final track Mountain5. At over five minutes long the closing track is nearly two minutes longer than any other on the EP, and gives us an insight into the band’s true filthy stoner rock vibe. Imagine a fusion of Truckfighters and Queens of the Stone Age, and you’re pretty much on the right wavelength. There’s big dirty riffs all over the place, while Romain’s engaging vocals really come to the fore alongside the driving guitars, and the mash-up mid-way through the track, which ends in a pause that gives way to a big fat stoner rock riff is probably the highlight of the EP.

When it comes to what inspires them to write music, this is where it gets a bit random. The band tell us: “From the dark hours of Pigalle to a masterpiece such as Don Quixote, from a creepy relapse story to the insane J.G Ballard novels.”

And away from music the band tell us they all have their little oddities, explaining: “Bruno has a boxing addiction, Fabien has a leather addiction, Christophe has a football addiction, Julien has a rum addiction and Romain has too many.”

Lost In Madrid will be playing at Bus Palladium in Paris on 9 February, with a new four-track EP coming our way soon followed by gigs in France and Germany. More info on all their gigs is here.

You can follow Lost In Madrid on Facebook and check out their music on Bandcamp and YouTube.

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