Introducing: Red House

We’re delighted to bring you our first Northern Irish band discovery, in the form of exciting new indie rockers Red House , who only released their debut single in November.

The Belfast quartet of Caolan ‘Cazza’ Donaghy (guitar and lead vocals), Adam McCallan (guitar), Darragh Tibbs (drums) and Odhran Cassidy (bass) formed just over a year ago and quickly honed a fun, energetic, almost punky indie rock sound that recently won them a national Battle of the Bands competition – and £500 courtesy of Jack Daniels. And they love a cheeky guitar solo.

Debut single I Had You has won plenty of plaudits over the last few months. It kicks off with a guitar noise, hit of drums, then building guitar chord and drums, then kicks into jaunty little indie rock chords that continue through a couple of singalong verses that end with a cry of “I had you.” The pace then drops right down through a more relaxed verse that suddenly kicks into the fun, fast-paced “For the first time in a lifetime, The wind is at my shoulders and the world’s behind me, I had a new found comfort in you” that ends in repeats of “I had you” then flies into a big guitar solo.

Check it out this fun, catchy track in the video below:

As Darragh tells us: “The track was launched on board the Belfast Barge to a great response. Since then we’ve had it played on RTE 2FM and BBC Radio Ulster with more on the way! We’ve gigged the track loads and are doing as much promo as possible to get people to listen to it. The track is super high energy and features a driving bassline and a massive guitar solo from Adam. It’s got a balls-to-the-wall rocky and almost punky feel to it and, hopefully, it’ll be stuck in your head well after it ends.”

Their sound has been honed on the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Strypes and The Beatles, with blues influences from Adam and funk inspiration from the rhythm section.

Adam added: “Cazza writes most of our music, about ordinary life and things that have happened to him. We don’t tend to write about other peoples’ stories or made up characters. The tunes are often riff based to drive forward our musicality!

“We listen to a lot and try to create music that sounds fresh and excites us musically. We have a big sound, indie in style with influences from Rock and Blues in places. Our music is all about energy and we love a good Guitar solo from Adam and Cazza. Expect tight bass and drum verses and heavy breakdowns from our music to come this year.”

We think this is the first Northern Irish band we’ve covered on GR, so we asked Darragh for his thoughts on the local scene. He told us: “We have some really great, exciting bands over here and for Red House we’re just trying to break into that scene and play amongst artists we really love. Hopefully, the scene will only keep growing and give even more support to young new artists; we could do with more dedicated music venues and more festivals. Recently we won one of NI’s Battle of the Bands competitions judged by national music hero Terri Hooley and influential music man Stuart Bailie, which really showed off the support in NI for new bands!”

2018 looks set to be a big year for Red House as they build on the success of their debut single with a debut EP, and a first music video to accompany it/ They’ll also be playing plenty of gigs around Belfast and beyond, and plenty of interesting plans for social media content, so stay tuned.

You can follow Red House on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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