Gig Review: Divide, All Ears Avow, Kill The Ideal & One Last Thrill at 229 The Venue

Last night we were treated to a feast of exciting new British rock from Glasgow’s Divide, ably supported by All Ears Avow, Kill The Idea and One Last Thrill at 229 The Venue in Central London.

Wiltshire / London-based quartet One Last Thrill got the night off to an aptly thrilling start with their big hard rock sound, opening up with a big drum roll then launching into some big riffs and powerful lead vocals from Steph Whitehead on catchy opening track About Me.

A drawn-out intro to the second track exploded into a big rock out, then ended in a rolling riff and bass-off supported by some huge pounding drums, with Steph’s voice powering through it.

They played an old track in The Cage, which featured some very Oasis-sounding chords, then a booming bassline gave way to a huge guitar solo – which is very much a prominent feature of the band.

20180212_194134A new song, which I think I deduced was called From Tongues, showed off drummer Josh Lock’s penchant for a bit of cowbell action, opening with a fast-paced riff then a big drum roll brought in a relatiyvely relaxed verse ahead of a big singalong chorus. A cool bass solo led into the second verse, followed by another huge solo then big chugging guitar chords closed the song out.

Next was latest single Face It, released last Friday, which opened with a cool guitar riff then a big opening verse that ended on a funky little riff that led into the chorus, which ended on a funky guitar chord blitz and it all repeated.

The high-energy continued with Biting at the Bit, which opened with a fun rocky intro then almost spoken vocals led into more drawn out vocals and ascending guitars. A cheeky bassline then drums joined in ahead of a big wah-wah solo, followed by big vocals then a big rockout to finish. Also, kudos to the band for the vocal reference to Jeremy Kyle in one of the pre-choruses.

They closed out with If Leaving Was An Option, which began with Steph hitting some huge high notes, then a big bass filler giving way to a big fast-paced wah-wah solo that ended their set on a fitting high note. It was a great way to open up the gig.

They were followed on stage by Lincolnshire trio Kill The Ideal, whose excellent self-titled EP was one of our favourite records of last year. They opened up with My Life, which was dominated by frontman Ash Wilson hitting some impressive high notes followed by some big screams.

That was followed by the brilliant Crazy, which opened up with big rocky chords into a calm opening verse that built into the singalong chorus. The intensity ramped up in the second verse with Ash again hitting some huge high notes then palm muted chords led into a second chorus.

20180212_204919A big rocky intro to Know Your Name dropped into low vocals with high-pitched guitar noise through to the repeats of “Know your name” that led into a big rockout. A couple of renditions of the chorus led onto ending with a big smash-up led by pounding drums from Jordan Bell.


The really enjoyable Indecisive was again dominated by some impressive high vocals between the engaging, singalong choruses and a big rockout, then ended on more big high vocals.

After telling the previous band’s guitarist “I wish I could shred like you” they took the heaviness to new levels with an old track, Higher. A big rocky intro was followed by huge screamed vocals that led into a fun riff and a big rockout, then huge calls of “Higher and higher” led into a huge outro of pounding drums supporting wild vocals then a big smash-up to end.

They closed out with their new EP’s opening track, Dangerous. It started with lower vocals than we’re accustomed to, then hit some big high notes as booming guitars came in, then dropped into big floaty notes over drum rolls and closed out with cries of “I’m just dangerous” and “Well have you heard.”

The opening two bands set the bar pretty high as another Wiltshire band, Swindon’s All Ears Avow took to the stage. But as soon as they opened up with new song Gun, we were well aware that they were up to the challenge. Rolling riffs fed into big high notes from lead singer Claire Sutton, then dropped into a verse supported by chunky guitars. More great high vocals through the chorus led into a big rockout alongside background synth controlled by bassist Joe Bishop.

That was followed by another new track All Your Pieces, which opened on a huge drop-tuned riff then palm muted guitars and big bass through the opening verse. Funky high-pitched guitars came in ahead of a big singalong chorus.

20180212_211453Next was Just For Me, from last year’s EP Edge Of This, which began with engaging vocals supported by a low synth feeding into rockier support of heavier vocals. Big guitar and bass riffs kicked in through the second chorus, building up to a bigger singalong second chorus. Then it all dropped out bar synth and vocals repeating “Why don’t you,” followed by a big drum roll that brought in guitar chords and pounding cymbals followed by a big final blast of the chorus.

Then another new track Sick opened with vocals and light guitar, then bass kicked in and built up to palm-muted guitars and smashing cymbals supporting some incredible high vocals.

Latest single Breathe followed that, beginning with heavy guitar chords then a big bassline and drums under the opening vocals. A huge singalong chorus followed then Claire nailing some really high vocals to put the finishing touches to an awesome performance.

They closed out with EP title track Edge Of This, which began with cool high-pitched guitars supported by some big chords in a more punky intro. Rolling drums and palm-muted chords led into powerful high-pitched vocals “Say what you are” and “What are you waiting for” that saw them feel on a real high.

There was a long wait for Glasgow’s Divide to come on stage, filled with loads of Metallica until they finally appeared to the sound of Nothing Else Matters. They started with lead singer Nicole Mason watching the rest of the band launch into a big rocky intro from the front row. She soon joined them on stage as high-pitched guitars continued underneath her opening vocals then a big singalong chorus to Catalyst. Big pounding drums supported the huge guitar sound as the band opened up in style.

Sink This City, also from latest EP Embers, opened up with synthy intro noise, which I’m not sure the band could actually hear, but they ploughed ahead with a big rocky intro. Then huge metal cymbals and drums dominated with hanging high-pitched guitars forming the backdrop to Nicole’s awesome vocals.

20180212_222324Next up was what I think was a new song called Promises You Can’t Keep, which sounded fantastic. Big high guitars opened up with rolling drums, then Nicole’s vocals smashing through a heavy rock backdrop led by the awesome Scott Johnson, whose huge drum rolls fed into a massive metal smash-up.


That was followed by a return to the Embers EP with Last Words, which began with Nicole supported by lighter drums and guitars but soon exploded as they kept the heaviness going.

Then they played probably the song of the night with the huge EP title track Embers, which began with a huge smash-up leading into a powerful opening verse with guitars imitating Nicole’s vocals. Massive drop-tuned guitars kicked in and fed into more huge vocals over a big rocky chorus. The second chorus was followed by high-pitched guitars over doomy metal drums leading into a high-pitched guitar solo, then big chunky riffs to close.

They closed out in style with older track Make A Killing, which launched into a big heavy intro with hanging high guitars and packed a punch through the chorus with repeated cries of “Bang bang bang.”

Divide put on a great show to close out a night of superb performances from four exciting new bands. We’ll have more to come from Divide soon, with the overarching message being to do what you can to support up and coming bands like them. So go do it.

You can follow Divide on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and their older music here. Follow All Ears Avow on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify. Follow Kill The Ideal on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify. And follow One Last Thrill on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify.

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