Introducing: The Rocket Dolls

We’re particularly excited about introducing to this band, as it’s one we’ve been wanting to write about since first discovering them play a particularly engaging gig a few months ago. We saw Brighton rock trio The Rocket Dolls supporting Lightscape and Maven in Camden back in November, and were blown away by their hard-hitting, energetic live show.

The trio is formed of college best friends Nikki Smash (vocals and lead guitar), Joe Constable (bass and backing vocals) and Benji Knopfler (drums and backing vocals. They were all involved in sessions with other bands but were huge fans of each others’ music, and quickly discovered a spark when they got into a rehearsal space together.

They’ve since honed a sound that crosses multiple genre lines, with catchy, engaging choruses played off against some huge metal-infused riffs and breakdowns. As Nikki tells us: “Interestingly, a lot of feedback we get from people is that it’s hard to pigeonhole us as we have elements of so many micro-genres within rock. Especially on our new record, there are elements of grunge, punk, southern rock, pop rock, and atmospheric/epic sounds too, so genre-wise we’re all over the place but in a good way!”

The latest offering of this, and our first taste of their new music, is new single None Of This Is Right. It opens with chunky guitar chords in a big rocky intro that feeds into an opening verse supported by chugging guitars. That flows into a chorus of big singalong lyrics “You’re so wrong for me, You’re so wrong for me, And none of this right” followed by a big blast of the opening chords. That’s repeated, then there’s a big guitar solo that drops down into the catchy chorus, which ends on a big scream and big chugging chords that bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

On the basis of this, there’s plenty to be excited about ahead of their new record. As Nikki tells us: “This is just a taste of what’s to come on the record! We’re really proud of how it turned out and the overall attitude of the record.”

A great example of The Rocket Dolls at their finest is the excellent Frame, which again has big chugging guitar chords supporting engaging vocals and big singalong choruses. In amongst all that there’s a big breakdown, then a low guitar lick and atmospheric pause for breath before a big rock-out and wah-wah solo to finish. Check it out in their debut music video below:

Inspired by the likes of Big Wreck, Nirvana and Alice In Chains, through to Paradise Lost, Reuben and Mastodon, the band excel in creating catchy rock anthems and booming guitar riffs. And it’s all inspired by their own personal experiences, as Nikki tells us: “We write about ourselves and things that happen to us, we write very honestly and openly.”

None Of This Is Right is out now and DeadHead will be released on 6 April and available for pre-order now here. The guys will also be back in the studio this summer to start work on their third album.

You can follow The Rocket Dolls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and iTunes.

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