Album Review: Weekend Recovery – Weekend Recovery

Back in November we brought you the raw punk rock sound of Kent’s Weekend Recovery as our New Band of the Week and promised you their debut album would be out in February. And, true to our word, it is, and we’ve had a sneaky preview listen to the quartet’s first full-length effort.

The band have worked hard to offer a more intense sound to their debut album. In lead singer Lori’s words: “We have a rawer sound now filled to the brim with anger, frustration and passions, aka a molotov cocktail of emotion. There’s a cheeky acoustic one chucked in too, with some punk and a sprinkle of indie.”

That comes across in abundance as the eponymous album kicks off in exciting fashion with the big punky intro to Turn It Up. Chunky palm-muted guitars support Lori’s vocals through the opening verse then explode in a big singalong chorus “When you coming around, Turn it up, When your skin hits the ground, Burn it up, Are you screwing around, I’ve had enough” then drops back into the palm-muted chord supported verse followed by two rounds of the chorus. It’s a lively start to the album, which sets the tone nicely.

Next, the high-energy Oh Jenny opens up with a funky little riff and supporting guitars that continue through Lori’s vocals, then a big chorus of powerful, catchy vocals “Oh Jenny what you doing, You think you know me but I know your game, Oh Jenny what you doing, You think it’s checkmate but check my veins I don’t care.” The second chorus is followed by repeats of “Oh Jenny what you doing to me” that build into a big scream and lead into a big few smashes of the chorus.

Monster opens with a funky riff that supports through a catchy opening verse that ends on the lyrics “You make me wanna blow my brains out, This insanity is just too right, You treat me right then you bruise me like a peach, And I just don’t know if it’s wrong or right.” That gives way to the lyrics “I hate the monster under my bed, ‘Cos my momma said it was all in my head” that flows into a series of big high-pitched cries. A bridge of “Shaking hands with the devil” give way to the “monster” line then more big cries supported by driving guitar riff, followed by a big wah-wah solo.

That;s followed by lead single Why Don’t You Love Me, which begins with big punky chords and driving drums that continue over angsty vocals that lead into repeats of “I don’t care” then a chorus of “Why don’t you love me, are you too good? Why you don’t love me, Are you too good for me?” The second chorus ends with repeats of “Over and over, and over and over and over” that increase in intensity then dive straight into another chorus followed by a fast-paced guitar solo, which gives way to a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Ordinary Game opens up with chunky guitar chords under repeats of “Hey you” through a verse that lead into a chorus of big high-pitched vocals. Repeats of “You’ve got your head in the clouds” roll into more high-pitched vocals that push through to the end of the track.

The pace then drops right down in the acoustic intro to Anyway, which is dominated by Lori showing the more delicate side to her vocals. It picks up with the engaging chorus “Your words are always gonna cut deeper, I’m always gonna fight a little bit harder, Anyway,” between laid back verses.

The punky deliciousness is soon back in Why Don’t You Stay, which opens with punchy guitar chords then a big powerful chorus led by Lori’s huge vocals. There’s some really cool harmonies between her descending vocals and the guitars in the outro that put the gloss on a really cool high-energy punk track.

Then, All My Own begins slowly with a laid back opening verse but explodes into life with big punky guitar chords and vocals. Big high-pitched vocals are supported by cool chords that continue over drum rolls then vocals of varying intensity that lead into a final chorus.

Penultimate track Get What You Came For opens up with a cool guitar riff that feeds into an energetic chorus, then repeats of “Get what you came for, why don’t you give it to me.” Ascending chords come in over background vocals, leading into a cool guitar solo that gives way to the same repeating punky vocals. This track is a real grower, particularly the really catchy repeating closing lyrics.

And the album goes out on a high with I Wanna Get Off. A high-energy riff and driving drums open up, drop into the vocals “I love you most when you hate me, It’s the only time it’s interesting” then return before launching into a big opening verse that ends on a big scream before dropping back into the same chorus vocals. The track ends with repeats “I wanna get off, I wanna get the fuck off” supported by driving punky guitars and drums that epitomise the band’s high-energy sound.

On the creation of their debut album, Lori tells us: “It’s difficult, I’m not going to lie! Because you want every ounce to be perfect. My biggest issue was getting my vocals right. I found it super hard to relive the emotion I felt when I first wrote the songs, as they’ve been written for a long time.

“Hats off to the boys for getting their parts spot on very quickly, as I know it’s not always the easiest portraying someone elses songs in the right way. But fair play they smashed it!”

Weekend Recovery have done a great job with their debut album. It’s a high-energy, enjoyable mix of punky guitars and driving drums providing the perfect support to Lori’s engaging, intense rocky vocals.

Weekend Recovery is out on Saturday (17 February), the same day you can see the band launch the album with a Camden Rocks show at Nightclub Kolis in Archway, London. Tickets for that show are available here.

You can follow Weekend Recovery on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud.

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